snazzing up ugly awnings?

beckersterMarch 21, 2007

Hello all...its been a while since i was last on. but now i have a big reason to be on a and the DH bought a house!!! gleeeeee! anyway...

my new house has these ugly awnings...big metal black and white things...

we're planning on taking them down sometime in the summer, cuz we get no real light in the house. my plants are suffering and so are my hubby and i! but the front porch and the back patio are also covered with these ugly awnings. those we want to keep more for function.

i need some ideas on how to fix them up. any ideas to snazz them up? do we think i could at least paint them?

heres some pics...

back patio...

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Gee Beck, I can understand your thoughts of not having enough sunlight inside your new home but I don't think they look bad at all. Consider saving the large one over the patio area to use somewhere else in the yard for shade.


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Congratulations on the new house!

I've never had an awning, but my guess is they are metal and you could paint them. I don't think they look all that bad. Changing the look all depends on how much time, energy, and money you want to invest. You could always change the colors of the awning. If you want a big change, you could go as far as changing the outside colors of the trim, siding, and shutters on the house. There are some reds and browns/beiges/tans that would probably look good on your house, but the black and white don't look bad. It's all in what colors you like and what is appropriate for your area.

Another thought after you remove the extra awnings is to change the landscaping instead of painting. We don't have a full view of the front of the house. I think that you'd be fine with the awning you have as it is and maybe changing the look of the house by getting rid of the big bushes and dressing up that area instead with new/bigger flowerbeds. That's a relatively inexpensive change. In the back yard, I'd level the concrete tiles and add some flower beds and an outdoor patio set. You could even extend the patio area a few feet by adding more tile. The previous owners of this house did and it really makes a difference.

I hope you don't mind my extra suggestions. I think repainting everything may be harder if thats not really what you want to do.

Have fun.

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Hi, I was playing with Paint Shop Pro (no expert at this) and changed the color some. Awnings aren't my favorite, but they do protect the house and house parts. Any paint store can tell you what to use to paint them. Removing the scallops may improve the look. It would be good to have a plan for a new porch/cover before removing them. It doesn't look like your overhang is much protection for the house front. You may find some good porch cover ideas by just driving around your area. When the awnings are removed, all that metal might make good siding for a cute shed. Hope that helps. Linda

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Honestly, if you're planning to take them down, why not just live with them for now. I wouldn't spend the extra money to fix them up if you're going to remove them. People will understand that you just bought the house and there are things you want to change :)

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I think those awnings are aluminum. I don't know how well paint would stick to them. It might end up peeling off which would be worse. I'd leave them as is, I think they will 'grow' on you!

If you want to remove the ones in the front see about taking them to a metal recycling place - you might be pleasantly surprised at what you will get for them.

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It looks as though you live somewhere cold.I am in Florida and there are some UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUgly awnings down here.
Yours REALLY are quite nice. The only thing I would complain about is that little Ruffle around the edge as I am sort of anti-ruffle.If that could be removed they would be great.Your house kind of has a tuxedo look to it and I think you can definately build on that theme.I do not usually go for the black and white but it looks crisp/By the way I would not do anything until you go through the summer.There could be a VERY GOOD reason the past owner had those awnings put up!

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I have the same rear awning. I used a pressure washer and painted it afterwards. I also took out the vertical supports and added a wood frame so I could screen it in.

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I agree with goldenpond. From the photos, it looks like the "ruffles" may be secured with bolts. I think just removing the "ruffles" would give you an updated look. And then if you could paint them like greenhummer, you might decide you can live with them. Good luck!

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I don't know if you watch Curb Appeal but this couple had little brick home they wanted to look Cottagey.
They Stripped SOME of the white paint off the bricks to give it a
whitewash look. The front gate on the picket fence had a horse& carriage like your lampost. Then they ADDED an awning over the front door. It was really cute.

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Hhhmmm...i do think that that plain black and white bugs me a lot. i love color and the whole outside of the house is black white and gray... bores me to death! i got an idea from someone else... maybe put up lattices and plant climbing vines? it would cover them in time...and at least take off the ruffles (scallops?) for now...

thanks all for your great suggestons!

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Wait until it warms up in your area. It's hard to say what types of bushes and perennials may be hiding out there in your yard. I think everything looks "Blah" in the winter. I can't wait for spring so that the colors come back to the yard :)

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ooo good point! i know there are lots of rose bushes and hens and chicks...who knows what else is hiding in there!

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I agree...wait...they look kinda cute to me...although I love what greenhumer did! Perhaps w/ some great plants--hot pinks or blues you can balance out the black and white?

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