Need creative idea for reuse repurpose

ibeleiveMarch 13, 2011

I need some ideas for reuse, repupose, or just a plain crative idea for these fiberglass paddles. There is a kind of post in the center that can have up to 4 of these arms on one. when they are on they are adjustable.

Each one of them is between 1 1/2ft to 2ft long. The center is around 3 inches. The only problem is that the post does not lay flat. It is really cool just not sure what it can do.



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I think they would look awesome hanging on a fence or a side building spread in a half circle. Like folks do with old windmills. Or they could be incorporated into a fence instead of fence posts or decorating a fence post.
What were they paddles for?

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These were actally from military surplace. They would be placed on top of equipment so that camouflage nets could go over them. They would use 3 or 4 arms at a time from what I understand

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I have some of those found in a dumpster and had no clue what they were or what they were used for.I thought about cutting out some flower petals out of soda cans and making flowers out of them for the yard.

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Those are awesome! The first thing I thought of is a
GIANT clock. Now all you have to do is find a wall for it.

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I have made several decorative crosses and think you have the beginnings of a great one. Adding a proportional leg for mounting in stone or cement. maybe a decorative glass dish in the center. A clear "cut" glass platter mounted in the center would catch the sun nicely. Take a look at the crosses I've made maybe you'll get an idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sculptures

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I thought of a giant clock too when I first saw them! That's funny. Great minds think alike! Or what if you had a big wall and just like placed them in like a spoke pattern. I think that would make nice wall art for a large blank wall. Maybe outside on the side of a shed or barn? Place something ornate in the middle.

I also thought of painting them in bright colors and adding embelishments to them, like jewels or something, and using them in a garden. More of a "junk art" type thing. But I don't know how well they'd weather with the jewel part. Not to mention staying in the ground. By the time you'd pound them into the ground, there probably wouldn't be much left exposed. :)

I like the other ideas that were offered too. Those are a neat find. I have a lot of neat finds that I don't know what to do with yet. That seems to happen to a lot of us.

Thanks for sharing!

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