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rabbit8March 21, 2005

I have a clear container that's shape like a waste basket.

I purchased some clinique products several years back and I didn't know what to use the container for. It was a gift set. Any ideas as to what I can use the clear container for? It's shaped like a waste basket and it's about 13 inches high.

Thanks for you help in advance.

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How about filling it with fancy soaps (that no one ever uses) or sea shells or old buttons, old marbles, etc. If you don't have enough to fill it then place a filler in the middle like styrofoam or such and fill in around and over the filler. At Christmas, you could fill it with shiny colored balls, etc.

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If you're a crafter how about storing your pretty craft materials in it? a variety or glitter colors? Pine cones? a collection of ribbon? odds and ends? Potpourri? Pipecleaners? spools or skeins of threads/floss?

If it can be usefull in the kitchen on an open shelf might it work to store tea bags or other small pretty packets?

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Keep it in your bathroom with rolled up, pastel colored towels in it. Maybe paint, "Guest Towels" or something catchy on the outside front.


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Using a silicone glue-(Goop?)..glue half round marbles to the entire surface, perhaps drill a hole in the bottom & make a pendant light. By using the clear marbles-when lit-would look neat! Even better-if you can get old chipped cut glass pieces (yard sales?)-cover the box with chunky pieces of the cut glass-when lit-the prism effect should create an awesome light!

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