uses for old wooden berry crates

kay79March 7, 2006

Please help. I have come across hundreds of old wooden berry crates. These are the flat slatted syle some with a divider down the middle some not. Not to be confused with the berrier carrier that had handles. These held the twelve little hallock boxes to pick berries in. They are in great shape and some have the owner farm logo on the ends. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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I'll be glad to send you my address!!!!

Would help if you could post a pic...but i'm thinking stand them end to end....2 or 3 in a stack and put in a corner as narrow shelves...

put some legs on one to turn into a small table....

paint up purty and just use as a tray.....heck...i want some!!!

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hi wow sounds like a real find.
the stuff with decent labels is good junk
that was my first thought to stack them and make deck tables, plants bases, maybe clean thenup and use for nick nack shelves, , cleaned up and maybe add a small shelf or two they would very saleable as shelves , I have a coke rack in the kitchen with junk on it.
2 or 3 stacks with a door or other top for a table ??
maybe use some of the cleaner ones primed and enameled for nicer table bases for the house. sounds like some of the stuff you see in finer decor and g.h. mags. or some jolly wood decorators "stuff" i.e. "junk"..
just the loose boards are very usable because they are cut thin and well aged they are natural picture frames,
and nick nack shelve material.. just hope they get used Rick

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