Garden of memories

funky83March 22, 2008

I created a garden of memories with old things from my past: the red wooden gate was salvaged from my grandparents farm house in Iota, LA; the milk can was from my mother; the swing was mine when I was a child (my dad saved it for me, its almost 40 years old!). The old windows and other stuff are great finds from a flea market. I love how everything has a 'story' to go with it. I needed to decorate the side of my storage building in the backyard and decided to do this project. It turned out nice.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's a great lil spot for a memory garden! Looks really nice.
I did the same thing last year. My dad passed away in March and I took a pair of his yellow boots and planted flowers in them, and I have some of Mom's angels sitting around. It's a nice lil spot that I plant flowers in and I have a lil pond too.
Isn't that fun? The little figurines are my Mom's, the iron planter came from my son-in-laws grandmother, the old gate is from a farmer down the road and is over 100 years old. Lots of things in my garden and I love it!!

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While visiting my hometown in PA last summer, I passed this home along the main road. Turned around and went back to view something similar to your great idea! This couple had 5 different well planned flower gardens-each in a different area of their property. Each was edged differently-railroad ties, rocks, brick, etc. Each had different gorgeous flowers of all 1 color and in the bed was placed items pertaining to one of the family members.
Hiss was pretty much a fishing & hunting theme. Hers was antique wrought iron chair, a small coal stove with cast iron cookware on it, coal bucket, a water well, etc. Their son's had an old trike, catcher's glove, sports items, skis, etc. The daughter's had an old doll bed, toybox, wagon, rocking many cool things. They looked awesome strategically placed amongst the flowers.

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