Other use for highchair?

lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PAMarch 20, 2005

I just found a nice wooden highchair in someone's trash. I was wondering what I could use it for, other than a baby! :) I thought as a plant stand of some sort, but maybe someone else out there has a better idea! My husband said to just give it away, but I'm dying to do something with it. Thanks in advance!

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I have my son's (28 yrs old) wooden high chair in my dining room corner with a large plant sitting on the tray.I turned the tray backwards so it fits up closer to the back of the chair so the chair is in no danger of tipping over.You could also remove the tray altogether.I left it on mainly because I didn't have a place to store it..........Lillie

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I'll have to turn the tray then because I also have no where to store it either. I never thought of that, but it makes sense. :) I thought maybe I could let my ivy trail up the back spindles. And then someday maybe I'll use it for my grandkids (many years from now - LOL).
Thanks for the post!

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I've used them for plant stands and for displaying some of my teddies bear collection. I had one out at our cottage that was just the right size for holding a crockpot. Since counterspace was always at a premium it made a nice place to hold the crock and not take away counter space I needed during the rest of the day.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

The teddy bear idea is cute. I know my mom sat a vintage babydoll in hers and put a bowl of fake cereal and spoon on the tray. It's actually very cute. But my four year old would probably play with it! I love this forum....such good ideas on everything!!

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hmmmm, what about displaying old books on it. the arms could act as book-ends. i like the vintage doll or teddy bear idea also. :o)

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