For Those Interested in Mosaicing Mannequins

texaswildApril 4, 2009

I just received the catalog from Robert H. Ham, the place from which I bought my mannequin, and it is the least expensive prices I've EVER seen on mannequins. They are having a sale right now, so wanted to pass this info to y'all. Some days I'm sorry I sold Lally, but have to remind myself how difficult it was to grout her. You young whippersnappers wouldn't have as much trouble. They have four locations: N. Carolina, Nevada, Illinois and TX. Here's a link to their website.

Rob't Ham's Mannequins

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THANKS Slow, that is a really cool site. I loved your Lally, but you know she went to a good home. And heck, I know you could make her sister any time you feel like it, we have total faith in your mosaicing skills!!

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Thanks Slow, i bought mine of craigslist. But been looking for a man one. Bookmarked it so when i need to buy it i can.

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Ok this is totally off topic, but I was clicking around that site and happened upon this and it nearly made me spit my diet pepsi all over my laptop. (It's apparently something for stores to give to ladies to keep from getting makeup on the clothes. I've never seen these in any store before myself though!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Disposable makeup mask

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LOL - I always just toss a scarf over my head when putting on a turtleneck sweater. W/never have thought there was something MADE for that purpose. GEESH - they'll sell you anything, won't they? How about just cut holes in a shower cap.

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Why not just put your clothes on first? ;)

But then you couldn't scare the bejeezies out of whoever walked in on you like that!

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I forgot to say, Robert L Ham is where BELLA came from. My sister got a hand from them also that she wanted me to mosaic, but even before I'd finished Bella, I'd decided no way was I doing that hand. The fingers are about the size of PENCILS! I could see doing it with beads, maybe someday...

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I still have the arms I took off of Lally, and still trying to figure out an artistic way to use them. Any ideas, anyone???? I need to update the two legs in my back yard - re-spray them gold, and put them on a better footing. I saw one pink leg in a flea mkt. last week - shoulda bought it to mosaic and make a lamp. Yeah, I'm GONNA have one of those lamps one day. One can still find them on-line, including the lamp parts. I can see ostrich feathers around the edge of the shade. Hmmmmm, think I'll check that out promptly.

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