My new Gym Locker Cabinet

roboladyMarch 15, 2007

Here's my latest. I found the gym baskets in someone's trash, believe it or not. The wood was mostly from a friend's remodel (tear out). I did pay for some of the trim pieces, that was about $1.50. My original idea was to have it supported by those 2 shoe forms. However, I'm not sure I like the look. I'm either gonna remove the legs, or do something different. I'd like to use some croquet balls, but I don't have any.

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Gosh! I love that!! The colors are great too!

I agree about the feet though. Gives me the feeling 'somebody' is hiding behind it. Croquet balls would look neat!

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Love the color and what a great idea for using the baskets. I'd say either legs like the decorative posts, or a solid box shape with some nice wood molding so it looks more stable. Luvs

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Very nice Margo, you come up with the most ingenious ideas for pieces. I like the idea of the croquet balls for the feet also, the shoes look out of place.


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That is really nice. I think any idea you come up with would work. Great job.

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That is adorable!
The balls would look great. But I like the feet too, it gives it real whimsy! Maybe paint them white, and see what you think.


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Love it! I didn't even think to be "creeped out" by the feet until Lydia mentioned somebody might be hiding behind it! LOL

You see those old gym baskets all the time in magazines and when you CAN find them, those suckers are expensssssive! Great find, great creation!

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