Green Demo Kitchen Almost Done

nancyinmichNovember 25, 2010

Hello my Smaller Homers!

As promised, here are pictures of the almost-done kitchen.

If you cannot see the pictures, or if you would like to read the descriptions below the pictures, go to the pbase site below and just click "next" until you reach the end.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pbase site

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wow - wow - wow! that is just beautiful! you have to be sooo happy - and proud of your great buy and hard work! plus your vision on putting it all together.

it is just awesome! so many cabs and drawers - so much storage.

i love the island - and the use of the stained glass windows.

how are you liking that raised dw?

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Steph, every time DH empties it, he thanks me for raising it up! We are still moving back into it. We have a few bins left to go. I am having a backsplash decision crisis. I posted at Kitchens, hoping someone there will tell me what to do. I am not liking the tumbled marble anymore. Fickle me, I guess.

I am hoping for some sunny weather so I can take better photos. It was so dark and dreary when I took these.

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Wow, it looks fantastic! I still can't believe all the time you put into the finish work on those cabinets. They look perfect though. All the effort was worth it.

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This turned out so fantastic!!! WOW WOW WOW from me too. I was only disappointed there were not more pictures. You have some lovely clean looking decorating too. The stained glass window is to die for. This has been such a HUGE project and so proud of you for plugging away at it and your vision is amazing. The whole space looks like you had it custom built for your house and not a kitchen from some where else.

Congratulations and thank you so very much for asking us into your life to share this. Smiling for you. Lovely.

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Just gorgeous! You've done a fantastic job! Congrats to you! The spotted hound dog is a star lol
Can I ask what you've got on your floor? It looks like cork? It's really pretty.
I really like your glass fronted cupboard, and the stained glass above your sink. :o)

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More pictures are coming - I am waiting for some sun.

It was a long haul. As I keep saying, 34 doors and 20 drawers. Ugg. I do have a funny story to share about the task of polyurethaning. The last batch of doors was on our island (with cardboard protecting the island) and DH was doing the last coat. I kept saying to him that there was no shine to this batch, what was wrong? After the third coat dried, I came up with an idea. It still had no shine. Plus, DH had been bragging about getting the job done using the last of the quart of urethane. It occurred to me that maybe those last few cabinet doors had more of the solids from the bottom of the can. I proposed this to DH, saying that maybe he didn't stir it as much as he should have, and the "dregs" had more solids and less of the stuff that makes it shiny.

"Stir?" he said, "you never told me I had to stir the polyurethane!"

So that explains a lot. Some of the drawers, which he did first, look like they are wet, and this is with a satin poly.

Chris, I have been doing decorating lately. I was at a furniture chain, looking for a coffee table/leather storage bench and I found that octagonal bin with the fruits and flowers on it. I will get more photos next time the sun is out. I also got a pretty metal and glass tabletop gazebo/greenhouse. I am working on installing a compact fluorescent light in it so that the African violet plant I put into it can get more light. It is in the family room, next to the three decorative smaller greenhouses that are lit with electric votives. Then there was that clock that I found to go with the metal plaques that my friend gave me as a kitchen-warming gift.

And thanks, Chris, for the nice compliment. My goal was to make it look custom, like it was meant for the space. Jim, our carpenter, is to thank for that. He modified the corner double oven cabinet to hold the dishwasher. He also built from scratch the wall oven cabinet with drawers, the corner cabinet that hooks the wall oven to the big wall cab, and the bookcase. He replicated the doors and drawers of this difficult design. About $4000 of the $17,000 we spent went to his new cabinetry. Plus, he put new veneer on the fronts and sides of cabinets that looked worn. He really is a genius when it comes to woodworking and construction. He also sweeps and vacuums every day when he is leaving. Our next project is new windows for the rest of the house and insulation in the attic. He will get both of those jobs because my goal is to keep him in Michigan, whatever the cost! So many people have left the state for jobs elsewhere.

You probably noticed the missing door. I just cannot locate it! DH is going to recycle all the cardboard in the garage today so that I can be certain it is not there, then work in his office/music room to de-clutter and clean. I suppose it could be there. I will get to the last pile of stuff in the bedroom and make sure it is not there (I could have dropped an armful of things from a shopping trip onto our bed and the door could have been there if I had taken it somewhere to match the color.) When DH goes to bed, he just takes things and puts them in a pile on top of laundry baskets. It could be hiding under there. My newest guess is that the door is at Jim's shop. I have a photo of that door being on the cabinet, then of only that door being gone. Then the new corner cabinet was installed. I wonder if Jim took it to his shop to use as a template.

I have got to get moving, my brother's family is coming tomorrow and I have cleaning and de-cluttering to do. Thanks for all the kind words!

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Nancy, it was a long hard row, but you made it to the very end. It is a beautiful kitchen. The cabinets are fantastic, and look brand spanking new.

I understand what you mean about giving jobs to your contractor to keep him from leaving. Your loyalty and support can mean a lot to someone who likes to be appreciated for the quality of work they do.

Thanks for the pictures. Great shots, and noticed you are using an Olympus camera. How do you like it in general? My first SLR was an Olympus OM2, back in 1980. The Sony T700 small digital that I have now just does not give me the quality I want, and I am thinking CAMERA stuff for after the new year.

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wow nancy, your kitchen is amazing! so much space, so much storage and so stylish! Everything is just perfect. I love those floral tiles and your clock, and yes what is the floor? It's such a beautiful mid tone not too dark, not too light just right.

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I bet you are right about the door being at his shop. But I looked twice and didn't notice where it was supposed to be. I know it's different in person and different for you because you've dealt with the kitchen so long.

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Wow, all you Small Homers are online today, no mad Black Friday shopping for you! Trance, the day after our Thanksgiving day is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. Macy's and Hudson's and other big, old fashioned department stores created Thanksgiving Day parades many years ago in order to put our minds onto shopping. It has morphed into a huge shopping day with sales galore. The stores are now opening in the middle of the night to beat each other at getting the crowds in early. They advertise deep, ridiculous discounts on popular items in order to get people in the door, but only have a few of each item at that price. Now people are camping out overnight in the cold to be first in line. The name Black Friday came from the idea that the stores sell so much on this day that they are finally in the black and out of the red ink column for the year. Silly Americans!

But not us! Small Homers are still trying to get RID of our stuff, not buy more!

Missy, I cross-posted with you. The floor is Forbo Marmoleum in the color "Shitake". It has the cream from the cabinets, the dark taupe of the counters, and the rusty brown of the counter stools. It is cork. Cork, linseed oil, and pigment. We took it down the ramp and into the family room because the off-white carpet there was ruined by the dogs and by the kitchen construction. The 6" step down into the family room was done on a curve, giving the kitchen about another foot of floorspace. I had Jim take out the curve, so the carpet no longer reached the end of the family room. So we did both floors. Then we had to go buy a new area rug for the family room because the rugs I had were gold and brown and now clashed with the Marmoleum! I will use them when I remodel Dad's bedroom. I am going to get in better physical shape this winter and then try my hand at installing a wood floor in there next summer.

ML, the camera is a good one. I have had it since 2003, when my friend lost my last one. I got this model because I make jewelry and I wanted to photograph it to try to sell online. This camera can do those "Macro" shots - at least I think that is what they are called. Have you met the lady from the Canary Islands over at Cooking? I used to hang out there some. I cannot remember her name. She has this camera and she was posting pictures of the volcano on the next island, flowers, and her beautiful meals.

Mari, the missing door is over the oven, next to the corner cab.

I will post more pics, with more details sometime this weekend.

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'I was only disappointed there were not more pictures.'

lol! i thought the same thing!

maybe Jim needs a vacation in AZ for a few months?

Your BS could be open for a lot of options since the other parts of your kitchen are 'busy' - but, I wouldn't 'busy' it up much. It is so calm, serene now that I think that is a lot of it's beauty! I do think maybe a beautiful (with color maybe) accent line around the room would look nice - but keep the 'field' tile calm.
I've seen some beautiful tiles out there but I usually think the all over multi-color glass tiles etc are just too much with patterns in grain of wood, movement/color in counter tops etc. i think there's some accent tile out there that will really snap with your counter tops be it a skinny line tile or a larger design tile spaced out in a line around the BS.

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Let me link you to the listello strip we bought. We are using that strip, since we paid a fortune for it. I am just thinking that the tumbled marble I was going to use with it is just not right. Here is the mock-up with the listello and the tumbled marble I no longer want to use. Steph, I think you hit it smack on the head, I don't like it because it is too busy. Until you said that, I did not realize why I didn't like it.

And the clicky below is to my thread in Kitchens.

Oh, I took more photos, and will upload them after I visit the tile stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Me in Kitchens

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Hey, Steph....WHAT IS "BS?"
The only version I know would not fit in this forum. Ahem.

Nancy, I like the marmoleum name. Shitake is an excellent name and conveys the message better than any other moniker.

Oho, I know what BS is now. BACK SPLASH. So sorry. I was not thinking kitchen countertops at first, read the rest of Steph's post. Sorry.

Nancy, your definition of Black Friday is excellent, and tells me more that I had no idea was there. I knew about the hype for shopping, but not about why call it BLACK FRIDAY.

Every now and then, my computer denies me the pleasure of the images within the posted entries. So today, I do not see any of the photos which showed up YESTERDAY. This is frustrating.

Also, I quite agree about the marble falling out of favor because it tended toward the busy side. Nancy, your choices have all been perfect, so just keep casting about and you'll know the right one when you find it.

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ML, my DH is looking at the problems with the images showing and not showing and he cannot see any reason for it. What usually works for me is to click the link I provide, go to the image that way, and then go forward (and maybe backward if you want to see the BS mock-up) and look at them through the clicky link. I don't know why, but then, when I back-button back to this thread, all the pictures show up. DH says that this does not work for him, though.

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Nancy says, "ML, the camera is a good one. I have had it since 2003, when my friend lost my last one."

Nancy, oh boy. Years back, my friend and I were out canoeing and she dropped HER small "blonde proof" Olympus overboard. We get back to her house, and she tells her DH that I..MOI...had dropped it overboard. Because he would not get upset with me, you see.

After all these years, she now really believes that I DID IT. So it is a big joke between us.

Anyway, I'm including that model Olympus on my list. It does take great pictures.

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What a wonderful kitchen! I love all the storage space. I love the floor too and was going to ask what it was, but saw in an answer post of yours what it is. It is beautiful! You are going to love being in this room every day. Your stained glass window is lovely too.


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Ta Da!
Here is a new link to a new gallery at my Pbase site. It is a tour of the family room and has detailed photos of the kitchen. I have not integrated the finished kitchen pictures in yet. I will probably wait until the backsplash is done, then add in more photos of the kitchen. (More candidates for the field tiles are coming soon by mail.)

Here is a link that might be useful: New Gallery - Tour of Family Room and Kitchen

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WOW Real quick. I need to get dinner. HAD to do the walk through. Gorgeous. Questions. Is the jazz picture Steampunk?? And love your glass bead plant hanger. I see so many things you discussed with all of us that have happened. I could not remember the sky light and looked at that picture thinking what is this? THEN rememberer skylight. DOH on me.

Everything is so nice. More later I am getting that get in the kitchen look I want me dinner. LOL


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Chris, I put off my dinner, over and over, wanting to get that gallery out there. I am glad you will get yours and look at details later on a full stomach. There are a lot of details under the pictures if you look at them individually. The titles under them in the gallery view are just the beginning.

You know, I was wondering that Steampunk question, too. My guess is no, it is not steampunk because it does not have the gears and other watch parts in a situation where they could at least appear to be functional. I think it is just found art. Or something.

For the rest of you, who may be going, "huh?" Steampunk is a style that I learned about on the Kitchens forum. There is a trend of novels, decorating, and role-playing in an alternative reality in which modern ideas/science/philosophy occurred in the age of steam power. From Wikipedia:
"Steampunk: sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction, frequently featuring elements of fantasy, that came into prominence (??) during the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used � usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era Britain � but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of "the path not taken" of such technology as dirigibles, analog computers, or digital mechanical computers (such as Charles Babbage's Analytical engine).'' [Wikipedia] "

Flowerlady, thanks for the kind words. My father and his wife, my sister, a half brother and his DGF, and my brother and his wife and two boys (taller than me!) were all here yesterday. A BUNCH can gather around that island.

It made me want to do my idea. I can imagine an overlay over the cooktop side of the island. It is a fitted top whose frame hugs the existing top, covering the cooktop, snugly fitting over it, and whose top extends the island top a foot past where it now ends, so there will be a "bar" to pony up to (with knee room) on the cooking side, as well. It would be made with thin plywood and 2x2s and 1x2s. The 2x2s underneath the tabletop would closely follow the outline of the existing island top, with a felt or foam lining so that it does not scratch the finish. The 1x2s would be all along the straight long side, which would end just past the back edge of the cooktop. The overlay top would sit on these 1x2s. I would also put 1x2s on either side of the cooktop, so that the overlay top would not actually rest on the ceramic cooktop. Everything in contact with the island would be lined with felt. The plywood surface could be covered with countertop laminate. (I do have some left, I wonder if it is enough?) This overlay top would be held in place with clamps at the ends of the island, so it is connected to the existing top and cannot teeter off when you put weight on the overhang. It would have to fold to be really convenient, but I guess I could keep it against a wall in the garage when not in use, even if it does not fold.

ML, isn't human memory a wonder? I have seen so many articles about how memory can be changed by belief. That is why eye witness accounts are so unreliable. I wish the law recognized this. In trials, eye witness accounts are given high value, but they can easily be changed over time, by outside influences, and more by our very own need for the truth to be different from what it is (like your childhood friend). I have noticed a phenomena in my own memory of my childhood. I do not know what things I remember for real, versus things I remember because they are part of our Super 8 family movies, or part of oft-told tales from my parents. It is unsettling to me.

If you all want to mosey on over to the Second New Kitchen Gallery, there are three new photos of tile that is a candidate for backsplash field tile.

Right this way, folks....(she motions with her arm, palm-up.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Field Tile Candidate 1 (3 pictures)

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I am back. We got to watching a movie.

I am so glad you included a close up of the picture in the living room. Tell me the story on that one. Loving it.

I was under the impression Steam punk did not HAVE to work just include the gears and watch parts or other vintage parts. My very favorite steam punk piece is the computer keyboard made from an old typewriter.And here is monitor too. LOL

I was telling DH about your consideration of the dog surfing the counter and we got to laughing because we have a kitty we can NOT keep away. How we were glad it was not one of the dogs.

I totally LOVE your counter top idea. I had them leave off the upper raised counter thing that would have been useless to us and now so glad I did. Your idea would really work here. We could have about a 6 foot bar to belly up to here. What a fantastic idea.

My take on the tiles. I love your first choice only leave off one of the upper rows of square tiles. I also like your specialized strip just bordered in your custom made strip. Having just done our kitchen. I might have done it differently if I could have gotten more of the tiles I used. At the time they told me no way so I went with what I had. Then I was able to get more just last month. Well a few months late for me. I am glad I did the piece over the stove but I kind of wish I had gone higher then the four inches all around. It is fine but,.................. I am not going to change it now but I might have gone higher if the tiles had been available. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wonder how many sections of tile that would take to do the counter top? Oh dang on you for winding me up in a direction I never intended to go. LOL Even if I do not add more counter this counter is not a prep area and could be tiled with the small tiles. Some one just shoot me.

And another thing in your kitchen. I am so missing my pretty green and your green just hammers it home.I just love it!! I think Will just paint the living room in that green. I already have Missy's green accent wall.It is a good thing I have to work tomorrow I would be painting if not. LOL

Thanks for the tour.


Here is a link that might be useful: Steam punk

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Glad I went back to look closer at the picture I see the story below it. So glad you posted that. Wonderful painting/picture.


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"the day after our Thanksgiving day is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. The name Black Friday came from the idea that the stores sell so much on this day that they are finally in the black and out of the red ink column for the year. Silly Americans! "

that sounds like insane shopping nancy! I find it hard to get excited about shopping, we have so little choice here and most of it is made in china. forget about trying to find anything different or really good. mostly it's what's in or just junk. :(

It's hard to imagine people camping out in the cold right now, eek! we've been close to 100f here the last couple of days, looks like summer is not far away!

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Nancy is that an old tv cabinet in your den? My grandparents had one exactly or very similar to it. I always thought it was so fancy. Our tv was just a metal frame on metal legs, so the wood doors just screamed luxury to me. lol

That is so funny about the memory. There are things I remember so distinctly about my childhood that my mother can't remember at all. Or she remembers them totally different. But it's true that if you tell a lie long enough, you start to believe it yourself. Maybe a way to assuage guilt? lol

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"Your BS could be open for a lot of options since the other parts of your kitchen are 'busy'"

not sure that sounds right... your kitchen isn't really 'busy' - just several 'patterns' already in it and the listello strip will be another one (added attraction for sure!). your floor, the detail in your cabs, the beautiful island counter top and your perimeter counter top. They are subtle but there. I wouldn't want anything to draw away from them, they work together beautifully now.

I just think another pattern would distract from the others and it's all so beautiful already!

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Hi Marti,
Yes, that is a TV cabinet in the family room. RCA Victor. If you are looking at my photos in the Gallery view, with about a dozen small photos per page, click on a photo. You will get the larger view and then you can read the more detailed info below each photo. In the FR and New K Gallery, I have info under most photos.

So, how do you like the kitchen with the dark counters? YOU are the one who inspired me to look at dark colors fir it, you know. I didn't forget!

Steph, I knew exactly what you meant and thought you summed it up nicely. It actually gave me the reason I needed when telling DH why I was not satisfied with the tumbled marble field tiles and wanted to shop for other tiles!

You folks out there in the ether have been so VERY helpful to me in this process. I am not sure I would have looked at dark counters without Marti, and you really helped me out this weekend, Steph!

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I totally love it! When you first started looking at those cabinets, I couldn't envision how you would make a new kitchen with them, but you made them three times better than the kitchen they were from. I wish I could help you with the backsplash. I like the tumbled marble and don't think it would be too busy. But backsplash is probably the hardest thing to pick in a kitchen - at least it is for me.

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I have a nice, but very plain (which is probably good) ceramic subway that is inexpensive that will be just fine. I am awaiting the delivery of three glass subways that may be fantastic. We shall see - one of them will be "it"!

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Nancy, I cannot wait to see the three glass subway options you are choosing from. Will you please please show a picture of all three side by side in the same photo? That will help us compare one to the other.

And I have thought and thought about what to do re the backsplash when we get around to our kitchen. I know the rest of the place, but not that dang-nabbed BS. It IS hard to pick.

My floors will be unglazed porcelain, and not dark. But seeing your kitchen with the cabs so beautifully done, it
makes me appreciate the range of choices available.

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I'm glad you understood what i meant nancy! you've brought the different parts of your kitchen together so beautifully! it can be such a delicate balance when pulling things together and you sure hit the mark!

I also love the plaques that you received - there again, just the right touch.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the 3 tile options. I hope 1 of them is THE one!

I think the BS is difficult, it's most often the last thing to be decided and put up - and all of the other materials, textures, colors etc have to be considered in choosing it.

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Hi all, I got two of the three glass tile options in the mail yesterday and they are definitely NOT it. The third is much more promising. This is it.

and here is my listello and liner, along with the field tile I don't want to use because I think it is busy

and here are the two I received yesterday

and here is the ceramic tile that I like, but don't love, over on the left and above the listello in this photo. The counter color is seen in the foreground of the two pictures of mine, too.

I used a different way to link to my photos. DH thinks it might work better. Please let me know if you see my photos in this posting, it will help me know if this is a better method.

Oh, any and all opinions on the above choices are welcome, as always. Tomorrow I may get the third tile. Whenever I do, I will post my own photos of the samples along with my tiles.

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Your pictures are coming through perfect for me.

One thing to consider on Busy or not. When tiles are not grouted they do look more busy. there is a saying how grout pulls a project together.

I did the back splash for my kitchen stove and picture 102 is not grouted and picture 103 is and you can see how the grout tamed down the while piece. NOT that this is a tame piece. LOL But the grout really dis calm it down.

I like the tile you are not in love with. Not as much as the busy tiles. Being there makes a difference too. Pictures are great but it is not the same as hands on.

There really is no hurry to get this done. I wish I had waited and not rushed into doing it here. I know you want to get the project done but.....................

Here is a link that might be useful: Grout verses not.

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Jim had the door! He brought it over today. It needs to be stained, so when we have the next warm spell, I will get it done.

The third tile arrived today and it does match better. DH chose that one when I asked him what one he liked best (before telling him it was $12/sq ft). Now that he knows that the glass tile costs three times the cost of the matte ceramic, he likes the ceramic better. How about you?

The Champagne Toast glass tile is on the left, the ceramic tile on the right, both above the listello. Tomorrow I will try for some daytime shots. The two glass tiles I do not like are on the counter at the top of the photo. Both are more gold colored beige, rather than the pink-beige of the two I like. Click below for more photos of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here and hit

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I like the one on the right better. it's lighter and the edge strip shows up better.

just looking at the pic I thought the one on the right was the new one (glass tile) and was a bit disappointed that I was liking the glass tile (I usually don't), then surprise!

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We are all liking the lighter-colored one here, too. It is the smaller one in the photos, the matte ceramic one.

Any other opinions?

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One more try. Any opinions? So far, it is me, DH, Jim the Builder and Steph all liking the ceramic? Any takers on the glass?

In case it flew by on my post above, I have located the missing door. Jim had it in his workshop. I am going to order tile tomorrow, so speak now and tell me why you like the choice you made. Thanks!

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OK you got me. I like the ceramic tile because the glass appears to have stripes of a different color on the ends.I love glass tiles but in this case I think it is too shiny.

OT I sure wish my counter had the shine on it yours does. I wonder if there is anything I could put on it.

So glad you found the door. I am STILL missing my drawer from out kitchen redo last January. I am going to really have to get after that guy. GGGRRRRRR

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I'd love to offer some help, but when it comes to tiles I am truly clueless. When we've had to tile in the past I've always gone with cheap and easy because the choices have so overwhelmed me.

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Sorry to be so late, but just got settled in enough to visit my favorite forum.

And I like the ceramic one better as well. I like the shape of it, and the softness of the color next to the rest of your choices.

Let us know which tile you ordered in the end.
Glad to hear that Jim found the missing door, had no doubt that it would turn up in his workshop though. :)

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Thank you for the input. I agree that the ceramic looks softer and seems to bring out the colors in the listello better.

Chris, I also noticed the stripe effect near the edges of the glass tile. It turns out that if you cover the edge of the tile (as the grout will do), the stripe disappears. It is light coming in the side of the tile. These glass tiles have the color applied to the back, it is not colored all the way through like the tiles you use in your mosaics are. BTW, I could see that the piece you used to show how grout changes the look of the piece looked different after the grout, but I could not quite tell what was grout, I think the light shining through the clear portions confused my eye. What color is the grout? Maybe I can figure it out if I know that. It sure is a beautiful piece. I love looking at your work and I find myself looking at old used furniture and thinking, "Chris could put a real cool design on that piece!"

ML, it is good to hear you and DH have arrived safely at your southern home! I have to say that you had more confidence than I did about where that door was. I figured I would be cleaning out the garage to find it hiding behind a pile of wood products.

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Actually the grout is................ GASP................... Purple!!! And it is good you can barely see it.

I kind of wondered if it was just the light coming through those glass tiles making that stripe on the ends. Still the color on the back is not the same as color all the way through glass tiles.

AND it is kind of hard to cut some times. It wants to break off. I have had to use sharp razor blade to score back side and that is a pain. But then I painted the back of some of my glass for effect so I did it to myself.

Nancy just trust in yourself. Look at how lovely your kitchen has turned out so far. With the kind of taste you have in design I doubt very much you will make a mistake on this choice.Being there is person is so much better to judge.


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