old ice box

mousey1004March 7, 2006

I have my mothers old ice box--this is before fridges- stored in my garage. I would like to do something with it but I'm not sure what--some kind of storage I think. Its the kind that was used to hold a block of ice. Any ideas would be appreciated. Mousey1004

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wow cool I do know these are quite collectable.
I grew up with my step moms mothers fridge in our house .
it had been converted into a bar.
she had wire shelves in it for storage and a butcher block
top put on it it was a focal pt. in our house .
saw one in a shop this summer that was being used as stereo cabinet with the stereo inside and the speakers placed on top that were painted the same color as the fridge . hope you get to use it . Rick

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Thank you Rick, oh yes I'll use it, even if only to store stuff in the basement: but I would really like to give it a "unique look". Would it look stupid if instead of the old white enamel colour I spray painted it a bright colour or stencilled flowers on it?.
Please anyone, I need ideas, even crazy ones. Mousey

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I was going to ask....if it was the metal or the old wooden one...

I see it must be a metal on if you spray painted it white enamel.

I'd love to see a before picture...When I was a little girl and my mother was alive we had a white metal non electric on and I remember the ice man coming to the house at least once a week....maybe twice.

It would bring back memories...I haven't seen one of those in many many many moons...

Usually it's the wood ones you see...even though they were the older ones.


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well you know this might be one of those things that might be worth checking on more. like the true value of the pc.
because just painting it ruins that right off the bat.
but if not I was qouted as saying you olny live once "paint it pink" so if it feels good do it .
but all b.s aside the one area I do know about use good paint .
and you know they re enamel tubs pretty cheap maybe get it re enameled a good color it would be like new???
think about how mom would like it . oops I know how she liked it ........."electric"...lol. oops just came out . Rick

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My mother & a cousin use theirs as a bar; cousin wall papered inside hers. I have used mine as a bar, storage for CD's & movies, in kitchen for casseroles & glasses, & is now in dining room in new house as storage for large platters, silver hollow ware, etc. All of ours are wooden, but don't think that matters as to use. If your's is the metal enameled one, as suggested above, might be worth taking to auto body shop & haveing them enamel paint it for you.

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I have an old wooden 3-door in my kitchen and use if for phone books, cookbooks and kitchen appliance warrantys. It is GREAT for those kinds of things you want handy in the kitchen.

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We were lucky enough to find two of them. The wife wanted the small one and I wanted the big one. What do you do. We took the small one home and without the wife knowing I told the gentle to not let the big get away I`d be back. A couple weeks later our son came to visit and I loaded him up and we went to get icebox. I hid it out for awile and finally got the nerve to bring it home. That was about 16 years ago and a year ago we moved it to our son`s basement. The small will be here till we are gone then our youngest son gets it. They are both in real good shape.

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