Rocking Horse

reereeMarch 14, 2008

Remember the Rocking Horse on a frame with the horse suspended in center on springs? Pulled my daughters from attic. Any ideas how I can use him in my garden besides just setting him amoung the flowers. thanks much for any ideas.


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I'd worry about something like that being stolen, so if it's small enough not to look silly, what about mounting it (well attached) on a pole, maybe 8' high, somewhere maybe against high hedges, or small trees, etc.

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How about placing (window type) flower boxes/baskets over the saddle and planting flowers in them - for the look of the flowers growing out of saddle bags! There are several types of cocoa baskets that fit into flat back wrought iron planters (one with the iron slats if you know what I mean, they usually attach to the side of a deck/wall. They have the holes in them that you slide over nails or screws in the deck/shed wall) that you could tie together with rope (something sturdy) and hang one on each side of the saddle. That way, when you water the plants/flowers, the water will drain through the cocoa baskets.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain here. Do you have an area of flowers that are all white or all one colors where you could place the rocking horse to add a beautiful splash of color on the horse (repaint it if needed). I'd use either Folk Art or Americana "enamel paint" or "Patio Paint" which you can find at Walmart or Michael's or Joann's (don't forget your coupons for the craft stores.) Those paints will hold up in the elements.


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I rarely post on this forum but when I saw "rocking horse" I thought I might inject my thoughts. I use to remove the springs, patch the holes, and mount my "rocking horses" on a pole. After painting them they looked very much like a carousel horse. I don't know which paints work best as I have never done one for outside use but the patio paints hold up well outside. I might even try to do one since I always wanted one in my garden. Here are a few examples of ones I painted years ago (I didn't paint the last one, can't remember who did that one.)

This is just to give you an idea on what they could look like. Good luck

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Thanks all for the ideas and also info on what paint to use.
I do have area gardens behind house where I think he would work, cant wait to get started, thanks again

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Reeree, we'll be delighted to see what you do! Paintingfool! Oh my gosh, what wonderful horses! You should post them again on a separate post so others don't miss them!

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your horses are wonderful. i have seen some mounted outside with a pole here in georgia and in florida where we used to live. the next question is where to get the rocking horses? i have not seen any. i will continue to look for them. you are very talented and keep up the good work. thanks for sharing.

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I live in Florida so you see a lot of these horses outside in the yards. I have been known to stop and ask if they were interested in selling - I haven't had anyone tell me they weren't. I also find them at yardsales and once on Craig's list. Thanks for the compliment - I am a painter and I love painting found objects, boxes, old lightbulbs, tree bark, etc.

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Love these horse.I need help...I have a rocking horse and I did take the springs off and my husband put it on a pole for me .Now I have to paint it.I don`t know how too cover the hole where the handles where. i have no idea!!! Help me please because i would love to finish this.I have had it for 4 years in my basement.Also did you paint it or podge it .I need all the help I can get.Lol Thank you

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Ruth, if you no longer have the wood dowels that came with the horse, go to the hardware store and pick up some that will fit in that hole. Cut them about 1/4" short on each side. Glue them with carpenter's glue. Once that is dry, fill in with wood putty, sand smooth, then proceed to paint. I crackled one of the horses but you can start painting right on the horse (you may want to spray a primer on it first). I used acrylic paints - straight color book type painting with the exception of the roses which I painted myself (you can find beautiful decals if you don't paint). Once you have completed the painting (this may take several coats), use a good spray varnish or polyurethane to seal the paints. That's about it. If you have any further questions, please ask. B

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My sister used to have a ceramic business and specialized in carosuel horses. She did all sizes in ceramic, but also did the huge rocking horses. She sold them for quite a bit each and always had a waiting list of people wanting them. She (actually BIL did this part) mounted them on the poles and made some with a lamp also. We used to ride around and look for the abandoned horseys in people's yard or find them in flea markets or garage sales for her.

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a "friend" of mine had a rocking horse that he wanted to sell me for $50. i told him no thanks as i only want the horse and had no use for the springs. i am still looking and some other friends are looking at the auctions for me.

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Painting Fool....would love to see your images of the rocking horse to carousel horse. The images you posted here are no longer available. THANKS!

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