Easter weekend plans?

lovehadleyApril 2, 2010

What is everyone doing for Easter?

It is our 5 day stretch with SS, but tomorrow is his birthday. :) So per the schedule, this year, he is with us until 9 AM on his birthday and then with BM until 9 AM the next day.

Tomorrow is his school-friends party at 11, so I imagine he will just be with us until then and BM will take him home from that. (I am not going and feeling very relieved/good about the decision! No guilt!)

On Easter morning, DD and I will go to church and then DH is letting BM have SS until early afternoon so he can celebrate with her family. (CRAZY as it sounds, EASTER is not in the custody schedule!!!!) Anyway, DH, DD and I will have brunch with my dad and then later in the day, after we've gotten SS, we will head to my mom's for an egg hunt and Easter dinner. But it will also be a birthday party for SS with cake, streamers, balloons and presents.

Should be a fun weekend! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend.

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No big plans here. Getting my taxes done tomorrow, then taking dogs to the park for a few hours. DH is working.

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned and planned it well :0)

Enjoy your holiday!

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Today we are just relaxing. We don't have my SS this year. But my MIL, DH, DD, and 2 nieces are all going swimming and I am hoping to pick up a new sewing machine before I go to work tonight. Then tomorrow we are getting together with my DH's family for Easter dinner and to celebrate my FIL's birthday. The nieces are coming here tomorrow too to do an Easter Egg hunt with DD.

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I am working Saturday... DIL is taking DGS overnight so he will be back on Sunday. Sunrise services are being held on the property. I plan to sleep, watch tv or movies & rest until the baby comes back. Then baking a ham to have dinner at my dad's house. It's our first day off since Valentines Day. (Our next day off will be Memorial Day)

I took DGS to see the Easter bunny:

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