slouching penguin hidden dragon

tehutiMarch 17, 2008

You will not see the dragon ----- because it's hidden.

Ha ha ha

Anyway, I found these old hub caps and a bicycle seat so ...

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Robert ~ your sense of humour is just wicked. I LOVE IT

p.s. Love the slouching penguin hidden dragon also! LOL

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Whoda ever thunk it !!!!!! It's awesome & SO creative !!!

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Very KWEL!

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Clever! Is this garden art?

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Garden art? Hummmm, now I'm perplexed. I guess so, but only to the extent that this poor misplaced bird is stuck in my garden. But wait! Is that a garden or just a planted area along the side of the house? Let's see; there is a rhubarb that will reach two to three feet in a few months or so (it will end up in my strawberry/rhubarb pie late this summer), a tall bearded iris that will reach four feet by May (beautiful golden standards with an orange/rust colored beard highlighting a bright yellow fall), a Forsythias that will lose it's lovely golden flowers by months end and explode in to a brilliant green canopy, a small patch of reddish-green sedum, a terra cotta pot with a stunted lilac (white, sweet, flowers), a grey, cement container (just now showing blades of purple and green that will transform into four feet of variegated fountain grass), and some glover pushing through the shredded cedar bark trying to survive the frost. Pay no attention to that patch of dirt I'll cover it later. Yup, it's a garden area, the penguin is art (I'm told), I guess it is garden art?

Just kidding! I just couldn't resist detailing the small area along the side of the house but I noticed the first picture didnÂt show the placement in the garden so I'm posting a new one but it doesn't show all the plants.

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