Thin pieces of tess

katishookedApril 22, 2009

A while back someone did a pic, I think, That had real thin lines in it. Instead of trying to cut the tess that thin she used wire. I'm enclosing a pic that I'm doing on a table for son. The spider web and legs are real thin and was thinking of possibly using beaded chain or wire. Was wondering what kind of wire was used, and any special consideration in using it. This table is for patio and will be in the weather.Thanks all for all the support and wonderful gifts of art that are shared here every day.

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OHMYGOODNESS. That is a gorgeous design? Only suggestion is to go look at different guages of wire at your hardware store. I've worked w/brass and copper wire when I made a mask and the PV photo album, and love working w/them. The higher number the guage the thinner the wire. Where did you get this fabulous design? I LOVE it. Boy, I can hardly wait to see this project unfold.

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Slow I purchased this and a beach/sunset pattern from Rainbows Stained Glass online. They had some pretty patterns. $2 each. If I use wire do I glue it just like my stained glass around it? Another thought I had is, I am planning on using iridized glass for fill in and around the web, could I use the grout lines for the web and spider legs?? Would that look ok??

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Now, there you have it. The teacher in PV said grout lines can be part of the design. IF I were using wire, I'd take a hammer on cement or whatever flat and make it as level as possible and use that dreaded stuff I hate - GEII for the adhesive. Your idea of grout sounds good too.

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I think wire would be the better choice...but that is just my is a great design....

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Sorry Slow, I may be slow tsk. PV???? I can usually figure out most abreviations. But this one has me stumped. Cathy your opinion does make a difference. All suggestions make me think about uses alittle further so that I can weigh all possibilities. Thanks

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Puerto Vallarta (PV) - where I go every year for a week's workshop. I figure by now everyone is familiar w/the Hacienda Mosaico - a most wonderful artist retreat. I'm already half decided on which workshop for next year. When we were talking about grout in the January workshop, and how tight to put the tess, the teach corrected me when I said I like more tess than to see a lot of grout, and that's when she said it could be part of the design. I imagine you discovered this too, is why you suggested it. In your case, I think that's a great idea, even though I like the idea of the wire - black wire.

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I'm interested in how this turns out too; my current project (Brunnera table) is a study in grout lines. Mine is a little different as the grout lines are the leaf veins, defining areas within the leaf, as opposed to defining the shape of something (like spider legs). Still, I'm curious about using grout lines in new ways.

On a recent panel I did, I used 1/8" glass rods that people use for glass fusing (I believe) for thin lines:

I glued the rods down with Weldbond and grouted with charcoal grout (shown here not yet grouted). However, the darkness of the grout blended in with the rods and appeared to 'thicken' the lines. Not terribly so, but it took away some of the crispness of the line and in your project, that could affect the result. So, if you use wire, and assuming you will be grouting, I'd recommend using a different color of grout to lessen the thickening effect of the web/spider legs. But, I'd love to see what would happen if you just used grout lines for those thin lines! Best of luck,

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Anne, yours is the pic I was trying to remember. I relly liked what you used to get sharp looking lines. I will post a pic when I get to it. But right now have been lazy. Haven't worked on table for 4 days. The weather has been gorgeous and I needed to get patio and garden ready for the summer. Must get back to it soon tho. Thanks again for your post and pic.


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Geez, I should've previewed my post better - didn't realize how BIG the photo was! Anyway, I can relate about the weather. Gardening takes precedence this time of year for me, and my table sits neglected now that the weather has gotten nice. Here's hoping for a day or two of rain, so we can both get back at it!

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