Anyone have or used a Dremel Trio? put down laminate floor?

desertstephNovember 7, 2011

if you have or have used a Dremel trio - the saw part - what do you think of it? powerful enough to use to cut around door area? heat register cut outs?

I've watch many videos on youtube - it looks easy enough but that's not real life either...

my friend has a small jig saw (table type) that i can use if he finds it still works... otherwise I'll have to buy a tool to do this. the Dremel looks to be one that can be used for numerous things down the road also.

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I should have added that I've been looking at the MAX version.

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I bet it is. I have a Harbor Freight multi-tool (which is similar to the multi-max), and used this plunge blade to cut the baseboard when I moved the sheetrock and added the cabinet to the garage. It is very smooth compared to a jig saw and very precise.

If you haven't bought one yet, look at Harbor Freight. They have their good one on sale now for $50 and the one speed (the one I have) will be on black Friday for $20.

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Variable multi tool here too. They are on sale at harbor friight. Have a dremel with all needed, but the multi tool is easier to handle for what you are after. And I have found a ton of uses for it, beyond the norm.

Link of sale. There is a video also. If you have a store near you I would buy it there. HF seems to have high shipping costs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Multi-tool

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great news! we have one of those stores over in the little town I go to do laundry. will check it out later this week.

the dremel is about 99.00 and comes with a few attachments. it's attachments are more $s than the habor freight one when bought individually.

if it will get me thru 6 floor registers and doorways, I'll be happy!

that store also has a small automatic nailer for about 40.00. I'll check with them to see if that would work to attach new baseboards. if so, that'd be super also!

thx gals! I'll feel more comfy only plunking down 50.00 (plus for a few blades) and knowing it'll be able to do what I need it to do.

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Oh boy, that tool looks fascinating. When is the sale on?
My DH says that the Chicago Tools brand is outstanding, and was very pleased when I got him one of their products.

I have an old old Dremel, and it is good for fiddling work, but do not think it would alter anything with home building projects such as you propose, Steph.

I really want a NAIL GUN, they are so neat, but, at this point I cannot buy anything requiring delivery. Not with UPS requiring a signature! What a pain. But we do shop at the local HF in Mobile, if they have the products in stock.

One nice thing, DH is taking his large air compressor south to Alabama, and I'll be able to air blast the floors of the Teahouse clean, without sweeping them. Oh lalalalala.

Steph, I'm sure that a Chicago Tool product will do a lot more than 6 floor registers and keep on trucking.

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I have heard pros and cons on nailers from HF. We have a Senco finish nail gun and either need to replace the o-rings or get a new gun. I'm for repairing what we have. I miss having it and didn't even realize I used it so much.

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does the HF tool take blades from other brands?

I'll buy a few extra blades when I buy it but it's over a 30 min drive and I'd rather not drive that far just to get a replacement blade.

I'm gonna try to get over there on Friday. not sure if i'll make it tho. i was out today doing a few errands (HD, Dollar Tree, W, gas in car) and doing that much exhausts me. I'm usually wiped out the following day - but tomorrow I'm hoping to start drilling holes to put up braces for some closet shelves (so I have a place to put boxes I take over there). not sure I'll be in any condition to drive that far on Friday. maybe Saturday.

today I got some bullseye primer to use on the particle board shelves. I'm hoping the smell of that stuff doesn't kill me - lol! Also got tiny prybar to use in taking out the baseboards. looked at new baseboard. what's in now is 2.5 in high and very,very flat. they also didn't seem to care the cuts on one wall weren't filled in. looks tacky. I guess in a few rooms that's not a big deal because there'll be furniture in front of most of it. Like a few larger cabinets in the craft/store room. in that room I'll try to reuse what's up now but in the LR/DR (open area) I'll probably put up new.

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I don't think so. I looked at the Dremel blades at Home Depot and the holes are shaped differently. There's another brand that other people like but I haven't seen it or its blades to see if they would work. The HF is about 45 miles from me too, so I can't just run over there either.

Good luck with your primer.

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Rockwell's been running a tv ad for theirs... and just saw one by Procter Cable (?) online. they run 120 - 140 tho. they do include several blades, they sand, come with case.

guess I'd better buy a number of blades then. going over there once a month is ok. it's just down the road from where i do laundry. Many days (like today) I can't drive. I should be ok tho if I buy up some blades.

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