SW Nomadic Desert

dakota01July 28, 2014

I'm thinking of using this color in my laundry room. My cabinets, w&d are white, my trim is cream and the tile floor is very neutral cream with specs of tan. The sample i have of the paint is very close to the tan in the floor tile.
I have Quietude in near by rooms, as well as, a color in my MB close to Tobacco Road. So I wanted a break from all the color in adjoining rooms.

Has anyone used this? Is it a nice clean tan/brown that would work with the quietude?

Is it too boring for a laundry room?


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i used ND in an east facing bathroom and i liked it!
but, it does have alittle bit of a pinky undertone which shows up more in some lights than others... i am currently looking for a tan for a foyer and it was definitely too pink in that house for my taste...

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Thanks for the reply - I do not want any pink. The room does not get a ton of light. I do have a large florecent light in the center of the room. Wonder if those bulbs would make more pink show up than standard incandescent bulbs?

I would prefer a more gold or brown undertone in the tan that I pick.

Anyone know what causes the pink to show up?

My painter is coming on Monday so I better pick something soon

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It's a laundry room - it's not like you spend your afternoons there reading :)

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do you have any windows in the laundry room? daylight and how it changes really affects color.
the nomadic desert in your room might be the best choice- i would just paint a large enough swatch on poster board/s or something and check it throughout the day and at night.
i just painted our new laundry room with white cabinets accessible beige which is a very neutral color-- probably reads more gray but looks nice with antique white molding and deepish tan walls in adjoining room, and would look great with quietude...
i thought i wanted macadamia or basket beige in my area, but they both seemed decidely greenish, row house tan and townhall tan seemed blah in that space- i wanted something alittle crisper, so i have narrowed it down to stonebriar or dromedary camel... both of which i thought were more yellow than i wanted, but for my space i think they're the best...
that's my most recent experience with SW tans!

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I have it in my kitchen, it's a pretty good and safe color. I like it.

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My house was mistakenly painted ND. In the spots where direct sunlight hit, it had a pinkish hue. If there wasn't any light, it was a tan (pantry and laundry room). In some spots, it almost looked like a clay pot. So, painting an area would probably help to determine how it would look in your space.

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I was hoping not to have to buy yet another sample pot and make 2 trips to the paint store. But, a few reports of a pinkish tone scares me.

Any suggestions for tan that would go well with Quietude? I actually thought of putting the extra Quietude I have on the ceiling and a tan on the walls.

I'm desperate to make a decision for this room. My sister has Latte in her kitchen and she likes it, it's one down on chart maybe is be safer going a bit darker.
Since the room doesn't get a ton of light even though I have a window,I don't want to go too dark. I also don't want a flesh colored tan.

Craignewport, your funny and right but I do have to walk past it on my way to my bedroom, powder room and garage.

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