old crackled pediment into doorknob coat/hat rack

sherreeMarch 13, 2005

i am currently working on a list of about 7 things that people have called me up and requested that i do for them. this is one of them. i got this old pediment at an estate sale. drilled holes for screws. then glued and set the doorknobs on top of the screws. added hangers on the back and she's ready to go. i didn't do anything to actual pediment, just cleaned it up and left it as is.

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I am currently working on a 7 foot long coat rack made with a piece of moulding and old doorknobs. Will post a photo when it gets done.

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How exactly did you attach the knobs. Dh did one for me a couple of years ago and the knobs have loosened.



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ok, i first took my doorknobs with me to the hardware store and found screws that the screw head would actually fit into the doorknob hole and be long enough to screw into the pediment. then predrilled my holes in the pediment. then screwed the screws in. made sure the knobs fit onto the screws and that the screws were not too long. once everything looked ok then added my glue. i use the green "goop". i applied that to the screw. then added my knobs. wiped up the excess and it was done.
hope this helps.

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sherree...I've got to ask...what is a pediment. It looks like a piece off the back of an old chest of drawers. Am I close??

I have a basket full of doorknobs...that I had planned to do something like this...but our home is an open floor plan...no entry way and not many walls...so I can't find a place to put it. I suppose the hall way by the stairs to the loft might work...But I wanted it out where I'd see it all the time.


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yes, a pediment is an architectural piece or a decorative piece to a dresser, wardrobe, even a door could have a pediment.
For some ideas on where you can place your pediment: you can always hang it in a bathroom with guest towels hung on it or do you have a utility room or back door where someone could hang hats or coats.
hope this helps, sherree!

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That is REALLY cool!!!! I love it!

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The bathroom would work for me...Now to find a "pediment" somewhere.

Thanks for that idea...Actually I need a towel holder in that bathroom


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