Spring's Here! (photo)

des_arc_ya_yaMarch 16, 2007

Sorry this photo is so dark. How do you like my bright little yellow "vases"? LOL They're little, tiny yellow boots that I bought at the thrift store. Inside are two empty medicine bottles holding water.

Wish I had kept some of my kids/grandkids' boots, they would mean more to me. Helpful hint for some of you T2T moms/grandmas who would like an excuse to keep those sweet little boots! LOL

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Ohhh, I think your little boot vases are just grand Des. I'll have to be checking our local TS for some of those.


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That's one thing I can't seem to find! Yours look so cute!I may break down and buy a pair at Walmart that were about 8 dollars.

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I picked up a pair of yellow kids boots for the grandkids to wear when they come over I figure when the last one wears them I get to make flower containers out of them .I keep getting new grandsons so I guess Ill look for another pair!

Grandsons are Great gardening pals! This is my absolute favorite photo of this guy!

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Ah, the fashion that never goes out of style!... (Until he's a teenager, that is. And you can leverage that photo to show to his prom date. :-) )


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