Would you help with lampshade decision - crossposted on Decoratin

marti8aNovember 13, 2009

I thought I was posting here, but had a window open to read that forum and accidently posted there instead.

I am having a terrible time picking new lampshades for these old lamps.

My post on Decorating Forum

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What a pretty lamp. I like the floral pattern. I looked at the choices. You won't believe this but I have one of those shades! Just bought it last month.

But I don't think it goes best with your lamp. I like #9 best. The shape and size seems to work with your lamp.
P.S. your blog always cracks me up - so funny.

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Thanks Loretta, yours is a sentiment not shared by many. You must have that warped humor gene like me. ;)

I love the shade on your lamp, in fact, I love your lamp. I told dh if I can't find anything that makes the lamps look good, I want to get new lamps. I'd like to get the kind that you touch and they come on, I think. I don't know if they make those any more. I'm just tired of knocking stuff over at night when I am fumbling for a lamp switch.

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I really like your blown glass vase beside your lamp too. Those colors are fantastic. For some reason, I want to run my fingers across it.

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I like 9 too. It allows the lamp itself to show off. Funny comment you made at the end of the decorating forum. Keep coming back to visit us.

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Yeah, I'm the one in the group who always has something funny to say. When I'm not smiling, people always ask me what's wrong, lol Life is too short for me not to enjoy myself.
They do still make touch lamps. Target has them on their website. But the ones I saw are not as 'dainty' as yours is. Your lamps remind me of my grandmom's. Everything in her house was so nice (and neat)

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This lamp shade deal is my down fall. Loved that fancy beaded shade you showed on one of your posts. I also love your Blog.

The brown shade is wonderful.I agree it might not be the right shade for your roses lamp. I am afraid I am not much help at all other than the first shade on the shorter harp might be my choice.

Loretta I like your glass vase too.

I did see the perfect glass lamp shade somewhere but you would have to change out the lamp fittings to make it work then find the shades.

Also I have a lamp that came with a harp and large shade. Shade troubles big time. I took the harp out of it's brackets and used a shade that had that drop down center that screwed onto the base of the light bulb socket and was able to go with a totally different kind of shade and it worked perfectly for the lamp and space I wanted to put the lamp.

I think you can buy the things to make your lamp a touch lamp. I like those too.


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Can you post a picture of the shade Chris? I thought about getting one of those shades with the ring around the light bulb.

Last night I took a harp from another lamp that is an inch shorter than the new one I bought, and it made a big difference in the look of the shades I have here, so I'll try to find yet another harp if I can't find a shade that doesn't need a harp.

Yeah, dainty, that's probably what I have against the lamp. I am soooo not a dainty person.

Emagineer, did I say something funny or tacky one the other board? I didn't mean to. No wonder I didn't get many responses. I wouldn't have posted my blog link there if I had known what board it was. I know that bothers a lot of people over there.

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We just got home from a trip to town.Doing the Happy Dance bought tile and tile saw to do my bathroom counter.

This will not be much help as my lamp is nothing like yours.. This lamp did come with a great big shade on it and it was fine when I had the lamp on a table . But when I wanted to put it on top of my little deer cabinet the big shade would not fit.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Did you know that harps come in 5 1/2" sizes? Who knew. Check out this web site. Lots of cool stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Lamps

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Wow! I had no idea. Those prices are much better than I paid at Lowe's too - but I haven't checked the shipping yet. I'm thinking an 8 or 8.5 would be better.

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Marti, I didn't take your response as tacky...it was a funny comment. There is a wide range/mixture of people on the forum, but I have seen many threads where a lot of support and ideas were great from all. Even asking about our little spaces. The photos posted are wonderful, full of ideas for small too. And a lot of very good decorators, so I do appreciate their input and hang around to see what's new.

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Jeepers! This lamp is probably not worth this much effort. I went to BB&B today & bought a 7.5" harp and here is a lampshade from home on it. I have definitely decided (I think) that this shape doesn't work on this lamp, but it's all I have to look at right now. And of course this color doesn't work.

My question is this, is the shade too low on the lamp now? Would it look better with a little neck showing? Until I put this shade on here, I had decided that the Icabod neck was the problem. Or it could be I'm just sick of looking at it. I have decided to either paint the glass or glue fabric on that part - if I keep the lamps.

The picture is kind of big, so I copied the snapshot. You can click on it to enlarge if you want to.

Oh yeah, I told my mil today that I was looking for another lampshade for these lamps and she thinks she wants the old ones back to put on a little lamp in her living room! lol I can't see that either.

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Ok Well I will tell you the crazy stuff I have done to lamp shades. PAINT!!! Yes I have painted them with latex. The one on the deer lamp is painted ans it also makes them nice to wash up when they get dirty.That shade was a yellow. When I bought them because I bought three of them for 99 cents each. I had two lamps to use them on and the yellowish color was ok. When I went cottage and most everything white the yellow did not work for me so I tried the paint on one. Inside and out. Worked great so did the other two. With not much to loose if it did not work out I had white paintbrush in hand loaded with paint from something else I was painting and just went for it.

Not saying you need to paint the shade white.

And certainly you must show a little neck. I about spit when I read that. Hehehehehe

AND another thing speaking of painting weird things. Another decorating board talked of painting cloth furniture with latex paint and I was horrified but their results were fantastic. Finally worked my courage up to try it on a chair I had that needed recovering so badly. I really did not want to spend the money and I do not know how to upholster. But I can paint and I did. Four coats later and my filthy looking pink chair is now white and it is great. Even the texture is not all that bad and smudges wipe right off. The secret is in the light sanding between coats of paint. Took four coats.


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Went back to look at the larger picture and I like that shade. Paint it up to match that darker brown in the rose. I even think that apple barrel paint will work so you have lots of paint choices with out having to buy lots of paint.

Maybe add a little gimp around it too.

And I found this online so you probably can get them in the store. See link

Here is a link that might be useful: Touch lamp converter

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Wow! That's great. Thank you.

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I think that shade works on the lamp, partly because it is the right colour. It strikes me now that one problem with all the new ones is that they were too white or the wrong cream or too shiny. Shiny isn't working. This one now shows the right amount of neck too, in my opinion. I wouldn't go messing with cloth at the socket, if that's what you meant - fire hazard, besides not looking right I don't think.


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Oh no, it wouldn't be at the socket, just covering the glass part at bottom.

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