just scored some windows

annieluMarch 6, 2008

On the way over to my house, my son spotted some windows in the back of a pick-up truck with a "free" sign on them. We just went over and got 26 windows!!! Yippeeeee!!!!!

Theyre 4 paned windows, fairly new. Hubby is making me a greenhouse and a new chicken coop, sp they will come in handy!!!

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I would say that you made a real good score. Show us pics after they've been built.

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FREE ?????????? Holy cow !! You got the motherlode !

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Yeah, I did that about 6 years ago - 97 windows still in my garage! Tons of fun to make stuff with windows but they are HEAVY, so that rules out most hanging on the wall projects, unless you find a stud.

My latest one - sorry, digital cam is on the blink, has two panes, one up and one down. I got some decorative curly wood embelishments at Lowes and added them to the frame, then painted, aged and crackled the whole frame. On the top pane I wrote in gold lettering "French Quarter" and inside behind the bottom pane I put an old linen dresser cloth with a lace edge. The whole thing looks like an antique window from a New Orleans hotel or something washed up from Katrina.

Another window thing that sold a lot was buying reproduction vintage tin signs on the internet and just gluing or nailing them right to the weatherbeaten window. My best one says "Aunt Sally's Pies" with a pix of a piece of pie. I nailed it diagonaly across the whole window frame, no new painting or refinishing. It looks like it came out of a roadhouse cafe. I could sell more, but as soon as people try to pick one up, they realize how much the darn things weigh. Also makes them a poor choice for EBay. Good luck with the greenhouse, though. Should work out well.

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way to go Annie! Two days ago my DH brought me 3 old windows from a Katrina damaged home. The really old kind with the huge weights. He had to cut the weights out of the side pieces to carry them. They are already crackled white on one side,and that 50s aqua on the other. We plan on another greenhouse with 2,and the 3rd one has 4 small panes I want to paint with stained glass paints.

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