Just stopping to say "hi" to my SH friends

phoggieNovember 28, 2012

It has been awhile since I posted here, but check in from time to time to check on all of you.

My "new much smaller house" has been underway by my wonderful Amish crew for just 9 days and floor trusses in, sub-flooring down, side walls up, roof trusses up, sheathing done, house wrapped, tar paper on roof. And tomorrow, they will start doing the shingles! The windows were delivered today, so it is really taking shape...WOOHOO!

My contractors were delayed two months getting started, due to so much more rock etc. with their past build...but they are here now and the weather gods are cooperating, so it is full speed ahead.

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So glad to hear from you Phoggie. Glad things are starting to move along. Can not wait for pictures. Hint hint. :^)

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Yay! I hope you're taking lots of pictures to document the progress. Can't wait to see it!

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It sounds great. Do you live in an area where there are basements? Yes, pictures!

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Hi phoggie-I'm so glad it's going well !!! Can't wait for updates...
Shades is going to hound you for photos until you submit :)

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just late yesterday I was wondering about you and thought about posting an APB for you on here! That would have been the same day as your post - guess I was off the forum before you hit submit.

so glad to hear things are moving along. DO post pics as it is now - and update often!

how'd the appliance part end up?

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I hate to admit how tech challenged I am...I have tried to figure out how to post pics, but hope to get one of my kids ...or grandkids...to post something soon. The shingles are up...going to start putting in windows tomorrow. This afternoon, I met with electrician and I tried to figure out where I want plug-ins and lights. Tomorrow I am meeting to finalize cabinets....pearl painted...brown, black, cream, gray "granite look" Formica...ORB pulls and faucet, almond sink (I think). And I "bent" and am using SS appliances....hope I am not sorry, but it is only me, so DD convienced me to do so. I still hope to use gunstock stained hickory floors..but the one I selected was discontinued. Guess that pretty well covers my kitchen.

My house is going to be pretty modest. I had thought of adding stone to the front, but decided it was not worth several thousand more to do it...so siding will be pewter green....and I hope it looks good and not be too green because it is hard to tell from a swatch. Shingles are driftwood..and I like those. Trim will be cream-white....casement windows..lots of them facing the lake!

Thanks for everyone's good wishes....and I hope each of you is in the holiday mood as we rapidly approach the Christmas season :-)

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Look for this under POST A FOLLOWUP---"Image file to upload (optional): "

Save your photo to your desktop. Click "CHOOSE FILE" find your photo on desktop and it will be inserted.
It will show up when you "preview" your message but if you then make changes to your message you will need to insert it again.
This is a new feature and so much easier than flkr as you can load directly from your desktop. You cannot load multiple photos though.

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Phoggie, you can get a Flickr account for free and upload multiple photos in every post you make.

However, you can also post ONE PHOTO PER POST ENTRY via that little line at the top of each "Post a Follow-Up" line when you begin typing a new post.

It is "Image file to upload (optional):" and it has a blank box and then a BROWSE button at the end. Test it out. That way, you can "browse" the pictures on your computer and then click to open or add your photo choice. Nice thing about this is, it never leaves your post on the forum. With other places such as Photobucket or Flickr, if you MOVE the photo from its album location or close your account, the picture disappears from the post on GWeb. Bummer. So in exchange for only posting ONE picture per posted entry, you do get PERMANENCE. And I shall be happy to demonstrate for you what I mean.

Here is a picture I took back in 2004 of a structure I built over a stove in a rental. I could not put any nails or screws into the fragile plaster, so I worked around it and secured the supporting 2x2s to the woodwork. That was in 2004, and the owners still have it in place...they love it.

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"brown, black, cream, gray "granite look" Formica"


ML - that's great looking storage over the stove!

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I may change my mind from Formica to granite. I was going to use premium Formica and I talked to a local granite man and he said he could do granite for about $1000 more. I think that perhaps it would make my house easier to sell when I am through with the house and need to sell it. What are your thoughts?

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Phoggie, given what I hear on the HGTV HOUSE HUNTERS show, the first thing the prospective buyers say when they hit the kitchen is, "I'll have to deduct from the asking price to replace these countertops." Maybe granite will go out one day, but I think the use of an easy-to-live-with pattern in it is the secret to longevity.

Now that said, we do not have granite in the house up in MA that will SOON (so DH tells me) be ready to call the realtor. Instead, he chose a Silestone pattern, STELLAR SNOW. It is sort of white and gray with sparkly flakes in it, and honestly, you have to touch it to find anything needs wiping up, be it water or crumbs from the toaster. And it has never stained regardless of how many pomegranates I cut on it, or how many blueberries. Plus, it is naturally antibacterial. It also is durable and comes in a variety of grades and thicknesses and colors/patterns. I liked it so well that is the same pattern and material I plan to put into this kitchen on the sink side. On the range side, which is a stainless steel stove, I plan on stainless counter tops on that side with maybe a stainless backsplash too. You'll have to take a look at the way I plan to set it up sort of a cooking alcove with the end towards the dining room having a 4' long higher bar and that counter will also have the Silestone STELLAR SNOW on it. Don't want to hijack your thread, so come back again and look for a new kitchen thread pretty soon. :) Yes, it is a BRIBE.

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I will be watching for it,moccasion.

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"a local granite man and he said he could do granite for about $1000 more"

go SEE in person what he will sell and install for that price.

If you don't like it then it won't be worth it at all. Do this house for YOU! I have to say that most all of the granite's I see on those shows (and many on kitchens here) I wouldn't want in my kitchen. It is easier to change from a laminate CT to granite. Ripping out granite to change would be more work and expense for a future owner of the house.

ML - looking forward to seeing your kitchen LO! post it soon.

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