plastic sports bottles

jcv113March 9, 2006

I am looking for a use for 11 oz. plastic squeeze bottles. I get my OJ in it and hate to trash the bottles.


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I use gatoraide bottles for lots of stuff.
I fill 2/3 full and freeze and use them for water that thaws slow in the heat also fill a in. or so and freeze and then fill with tea for a cold ice tea bottle .
we clean and refill a lot of them and they are in the fridge for water bottles all the time
you couls also clean and make a jug of o.j and refill them and save a lot of money its about 20cents a bottle to refill them with oj.
I also freeze them and use in my ice chests for ice and water bottles .
I have also cut the bottoms off and used them for pots for seed starting just use a sharp knife.
although I have not used these exactly I have been playing around with glass bottles and jars and cups and gatoraide bottles form filling with concrete and then cutting the bottle off and using them for border pcs.
hmmm we used to use 2 liter ones for floats on our trotlines hmmm big bobbers .

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Good idea about the seed starting containers. It's getting to be that time again.

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Here are some directions for a pop bottle whirligig.

Here is a link that might be useful: instructions

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You can cut off the bottom and use them upside down as a big funnel.

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