Here's my rough floor plan for future kitchen space

lavender_lassNovember 4, 2010

Well, I finally got my scanner figured out (more or less) so I decided to put up a rough floor plan for my future "dream" kitchen.

First, here's a few pictures of the kind of kitchen/dining areas I'd love to have in my remodeled farmhouse :)

Favorite picture....

And my favorite kitchen, so far.

Here's a nice kitchen (love the cabinets and backsplash tile) but I could do without the fireplace in the middle of the work area and the ceiling is a bit much, too, at least for my little farmhouse.

Great painting/print of a pretty dining area.

These are just so perfect for a french style kitchen.

And finally, here's my rough floor plan. I really need to get some software :)

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That's lovely. I want your sunny dining porch!

I know a website where you can buy fabrics like those in your top picture. I have no connection, other than wishing I could find more uses for their fabrics.

Here is a link that might be useful: french fabrics

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Oooh, love that sitting area off the kitchen. I like your favorite inspiration kitchen too.

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Lavender, the pale yellow/cream/beige with blue is a very French feeling kitchen. I absolutely love the second picture above. I think it is that big window with all the ambient light coming all across the room. What better place to have a kitchen than in a place with great morning light. What peace.

I love white cabs, glass doors, beadboard, soft colors, a plate rack with the dowels in it.

You go girl!!!!

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Euglossa- Thanks for the link. I love looking at fabrics.

Marti8a- I know, that inspiration picture is just exactly what I want to achieve.

ML- I really like the warm white/soft yellow/french blue...and some purple! Lavender from the garden, maybe, and some iris :)

Over on the kitchen forum, many people think I need an island, but they're just too modern for my taste. Yes, they're practical, but you can't move them out of the way, when you need more space. This way, I have a big table for baking cookies with the nieces and nephews, having coffee with my mom, shelling peas, making pies, etc....and I still have the pretty table and chairs for dining.

Another plus, the chairs are much easier to sit in, especially for the very young and older family members, than perching on a stool :)

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I totally agree about the chairs vs stools. I used to love bar stools, but now they make my legs ache if I sit in one too long.

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islands are nice... but I'm putting in a table also instead of an island. the very young, getting older or anyone with a physical problem have more trouble with stools than chairs!

growing up I didn't know anyone with an island - people used their tables for extra work space! that's what i plan to do again.

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Good point Steph...not to mention, anyone in a wheelchair will have a much easier time. Move a chair, and they're part of the group! :)

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