GEII silicone caulk?

shaddy101March 23, 2010

Does this stuff get old?

I am using a tube, doesn't want to set up, and dry? is that what I am wanting to say?

Very tacky after 2 days of sitting, and wanted to do my bb gazing thing, should I take off the few stones I have, wipe off the caulk, and start with fresh from the store?

Seems very wet, and almost greasy-like.

Just wanted to use up the old stuff, and guess it doesn't work that way?

Any assistance would be great.

Also, if and when I do try this project again, is there a simpler way to get the goop out of the tube rather than run it thru the gun?

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Sounds like you are using it in a caulking gun. I use the smaller tubs because it will go back and won't set up. I would only use the large caulking type if it were a large project and you are going to use all of it. Otherwise, better to stick with the small tubes.

Donna in Florida

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Yes on GJ forum they talk about it getting old & their plate flowers falling apart!! So needs to be fresh for your projects. Jan

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Most tubes have an expiration date on them. Make sure you check it before you buy it.

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