Hi everyone newbie with a ?

dreamertMarch 21, 2006

I have a chance to get this cabinet , what would you do with it if you got your hands on this?

It has glass shelves that aren't in it at the moment. It used to be a ruffle cabinet. Would love to get some ideas..Thanks....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Meant to say it used to be a rifle cabinet, my spelling isn't always that great..Sorry..

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My DB and SIL had one similar to that. They installed glass shelves in it and have it setting at the end of their hallway with her collection of gravy boats in it. Looks nice! I would think it would be great for any type of display. Grab it! LOL

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I was wondering if I should paint it, or just leave it the way it is?? do you think it would look good done in a cream color or maybe a white???

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well not sure I "should" be answering because i,m a gun enthueist who needs a cabinet and i,m usally against painting nice wood but .
nice find if you get it actually the reason I responded was this might be a good time to use some glass etching cream
maybe some faux stained glass? there is a blank slate here and a lot of room .
if etched then it would lend itself to paint/antiquing.
there are a lot of good products out there for one step refinishing. Rick

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Glass etching thats a thought I didn't have. Although I have never done that before. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm......

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I needed an etched pattern on my back door to break up the view of the lovely garage! I had painted a wheat motif in my kitchen, so I just made a stencil of the enlarged wheat bundle on cardstock, cut it with an exacto, and sprayed it with frosted glass paint. It is on the inside, so it doesn't get very dirty, but I don't think it would come of super easily, as I had to clean up overspray with a razor blade. My friend did sort of the same thing on her gun case with an all-over lacy stencil pattern, bottled frosted craft paint, and a stencil brush. She did it on the inside of the doors, and it has stood up very well for many years. If you ever decide you don't want the pattern, or want a new one, it is easier to change than real etching, but you get the same effect.

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Thanks Sheryl, If I were to do any etching, I would most likly do it that way, because if i messed up it would be an easy fix..

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If it were mine, I'd paint it, put some chicken wire in the door and use it to display my chicken collection. :o)

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I did go get it, and it was much nicer then the picture showed, I also ended up giving it to my friend who came along with me to pick it up. she loved it so much, I just had to give it to her. She is going to paint it white, and use it in her huge bathroom to store her towels and such.

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Someone here (DinaBear) redid a gun cabinet into a China Cabinet. It came out pretty cool. I did a search for gun and found it.

Old Gun Cabinet thread
New China Cabinet thread

I tried to post a link to just the picture ... but I guess because it's already posted here it wouldn't let me.

Anyway ... this T2T project stood out in my mind ... I know If I come across a gun cabinet for free I wouldn't hesitate to grab it up in a minute.


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I'll be on the look out for a nother one, and this time I'm keeping it....

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That's a great use for that cabinet.

DH traded for a very rustic cedar one and it goes perfectly in our family room. He originally wanted it for his guns but that made me too nervous, so I've convinced him to put in shelves and he stores his 'collections' of guy junk...cowboy memorailia, rocks, stuff like that. It's got bright brass colored hinges, so we're looking for rusty ones (I might try to faux finish them) to go with the rustic look of the room. I also nailed some rusty horseshoes on the sides and a rusty finish wall hanger thing, it's a row of running horses, along the bottom of the door.

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