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roboladyMarch 20, 2007

I was able to pick up a small floor sized pool table this weekend. It's about 1.5' by 3' with short legs (2 missing). All for $8. The felt needs some sprucing up. I was thinking of making it coffee table height and either adding glass to the top or just leaving it asis. Any hints or ideas to make this work. How do I clean, or dye the felt?

Should I add the legs to the outside or slightly inside as they are now? What other project can you see from this item?

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Hi, Please post a picture. Going by your description, I would clean the felt with a damp cloth and spray paint it (or try some fabric paint). Test on a scrap of felt. If you do an undercoat first (white?), the felt could be painted any color. It could be a nice blue, red or purple, something that looks nice, but would be unexpected, then place a lot of game pieces, billiard balls, cut off or make small pool cues, and maybe playing cards, poker chips, darts, etc. inside with glass on top. I'd add some of that heavy upholstery fringe somewhere around the edge, maybe near the bottom, like some old pool tables have. It comes in a lot of colors. It could have a completely different theme, filled with buttons and sewing items, with fabric pieces or small projects in the cubby holes. Definitely, raise it up however high you want it. Linda

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here's the pic

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Hi, That's really cute!! The 2 legs could be attached to one end so it could lean against a wall, kind of like a gallery painting, or hang on the wall. Light weight glass could be attached to the front. Stuff could be attached to the felt part so it would stay put. A fabric of any pattern can be glued over the felt if it doesn't clean up. How about screwing billiard balls and cues onto it so it looks like a game is in progress, then take off the legs and attach it to a ceiling? Nutty ideas can't hurt!! LOL This looks like a fun project. Linda

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I've thought about the balls/cue idea too, I'm going to be keeping my eye out. I'll probably do a coffee table. I tried some watered down paint today, and It made it look better but not dark enough. It still looks pretty faded. I'll try a darker mixture tomorrow, after it all dries. I've rubbed on some stain to the wood and it's perked it right up. I think It'll look nice when I'm done.

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The coffee table idea is great! I think though that instead of playing up the idea that this table is a pool table (unless it's in like a game room or something), I would do something else. Since the felt was so faded it was light colored, it probably would have been easier to go with the brown color of the felt instead of trying to make it green again. Then I would go with the glass idea but fill the inside with something else. What? I'm not sure of! LOL

The legs can easily be replaced with new legs or old legs that you can find out antique or thrift shopping.

Good luck!

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The room it will go in, is going to have a fun & games kinda theme. I may at that time, raise it to be a dressing table as it will be in a guest room. for now it's most likely gonna be a coffee table. I've got plenty of legs in my stash, I thought about the brown idea as well. Also i'll be adding the fringe around the pockets as someone suggested. I was looking at pictures of pool tables last night to get some ideas.

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It's done for now. I may add legs later, but for now it's just sitting (perfect fit) on a little folding table I have. Since I don't really have a place for it right now, i'm putting it in my guest room as a side table.

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That looks great! What type of paint did you end up using on the felt? Hard to believe it is even the same tabletop!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

That's a great T2T project you did. I can't believe it's the same table. I love it!


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Well, I figured I had nothing to loose so I watered (thinned) some regular glossey house paint, and just really worked it in.
I was amazed that it covered and looked decent. I had to stroke the brush in both directions and then work some circular patterns to get into all the fibers. When I was comfortable with the coverage, I ran the brush in on one direction to make it dry like I wanted it. It was really pretty easy, but if you touch the felt, it's kinda rough, not smooth like you'd normally see on a pool table.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm pretty pleased. Total cost 13.00.

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