Uses for Nesquik Containers

jemy57March 17, 2008

Hi all!

I love these forums! Great information and lots of creativity! My request is for unique/creative uses for the Nesquik containers. I have been saving them knowing that I can recycle them in other creative ways. This is where I hope that you can suggest ideas. They are oval in shape, yellow plastic, with lids.


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Cut a slot in the lid. They make nice banks. You could papier mache the outside to make a piggy bank. Or glue on fake jewels if you're saving for something big.

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OH for toys! Crayons, army guys, legos, markers, marbles, etc...

Or use them to carry cookies, pretzels, or other snacks while hiking, picnic-ing, or going to sports events whatever.

Put together a first aid kit to keep in the car or for camping, hiking, picnic-ing or going to sports events. BG

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You could leave it as is, in your kitchen cupboard, but hide your small valuables in it when you go away.

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Put yarn or crochet thread inside, poke a mall hole in the top for the thread to come through. This keeps it from getting all tangled up as you knit/crochet.

If you save enough of them - they would make pretty lanterns on the patio in summer.

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visit the garden junk forum, there's a lady there who turns plastic containers into bird houses, planters, lights, everything!

Here is a link that might be useful: don't throw that away

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