The ultimate curb find... a prospective new family member

sistersunnieMarch 27, 2007

FYI- Was called yesterday and begged to offer a home for a little girl. Seems she has been removed from her home several times for neglect..... I need something else to care for like a hole in my head, but how could one refuse this face. Anyway she should be joining us by the end of April if all goes well.

She is a schnauzer, though you would be hard pressed to tell when you see her. She desperately needs a bath and grooming. She's 3 years old and now up to date on shots and spayed(thanks to Dog Control). I've spent some time with her, seems smart and wants to please. In 15 minutes she was responding to basic commands and is housebroken. Currently she's named Daisa, but that wont be coming home with her! Still trying to come up with an appropriate name. Suggestions?

Let me know what you think.

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Bless you ! ST. Francis ( patron saint of animals ) will save you a front seat "up there" !

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A new name is a good way to start off a new life. Maybe....Treasure....cause she will be.

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When we got our terrier we asked my then 13 year old son to name her. I ended up writing every dog name and reading it to him while he looked at the dog and said the name.Don't ask me how many we went through! Finally I sstarted with flowers Rosey, Lily, Daisy,,,, he repeated slowly "DAISY" and she looked right at him and it stuck!
Our mutt we were suppose to find a home for but fell hopelessly in love with came to us after the kids were all married. We named him JUNIOR after the rotten orphan in the John Ritter movie called Problem Child.He's really an angel!This is Junior riding in the lawn cart with the grand son. He also likes riding in the inflatable boat with my older grandson and twin cousins! I think he thinks he is Captain KID! Schnauzers are cute and similar to Wire hair Fox Terriers.Get to know your new girl,it will come to you!

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she sounds like a Lucky Lady to me!

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Ahhhh..I'm glad you are rescuing her. She's one lucky lady. :)

We have a 5 year old Shih Tzu that we "rescued" from my BIL and SIL. They just said they no longer wanted him and claimed he was really hard to train and bad. We have NEVER had a problem with him. The first thing to go was his name! LOL I don't like cutesy names for my pets and his was. Hunter is a complete joy and we cannot complain about him for one second!

Six months ago, we added Ruger, a Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix to the family (Hunter's name I just liked and DH is a big hunter so he was joking about naming him after all sorts of hunting and archery names so I picked Ruger since he's part Schnauzer and Schnauzers are German and Ruger's are German guns :) Small dog with big sounding name, though! LOL) Ruger is MY boy. He follows me everywhere and will do whatever I want him to but somedays he won't even come out of his kennel if DH tries to get him out! LOL I read that they are VERY loyal to their family but they tend to pick one member that they are closest to. I just love him to pieces! :)

I wanted a female so badly (guess so it was more even around here! LOL) but that didn't work out and DH doesn't think three small dogs are a good idea at all! I had enough trouble convincing him that two would be fine! LOL

Good luck with your new sweetie!

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God bless you for saving that little baby.

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I have alsways found the animals that we have adopted from shelters or the street are " The Best". We have a little chi female adopted who shelter was going to put to sleep the next day because she bit, all 6 lbs of her. I had her half hour and was she was eating out of my hand. Now 6 years later she is the best. My daughter bought a little male, paid $600, and he is the biggest brat who will not listen, for all his pedigree. We think they appreciate their new home in their own little way.

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I would name her "Kirby". We adopted a dog who "found" us. 5 years later he is wonderful
Good luck.

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Photo of new puppy, in desperate need of grooming! Counting down the days till the 23rd.

Here is a link that might be useful: Puppy

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Dear little baby. You are so lucky, and so kind.
I am now surrounded by three Schnauzers, Barney (mine), Sammy and Roxy, my daughter's kids, I am babysitting for one week. I also have a Shepherd named Scooter, two cats, Rocky and Marvy and just yesterday was talked into bringing home a 5 month old calico from our vets office. My long haired Callie died a couple of years ago. Like you, I said I need something else to care for and feed like a hole in the head, but......she is so sweet and really puts these dogs in their places. Our first Schnauzer was named Princess Anastasia (Annie) and died 3 years ago in June.
Schnauzers are such loving dogs, they love attention, petting, and snuggling with those they love...which is just about everyone. They can be headstrong and stubborn but we always send our pups to training classes then work with them afterwards. You will love your little friend. Congratulations to you.

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Funny that with all the posts I clicked on this one - and for it to be about a Schnauzer - my favorite dog!!!

These dogs are the best, I had one that didn't know she was a dog, really! Her name was Marlo and she was named after Marlo Thomas - I use to love That Girl. Marlo would say "I LOVE YOU" yes, my dog "talked" We bought her because my Mom is allergic to dogs that shed, and this is one breed that doesn't shed.

For some reason she looks like a Mitzi, but maybe Whiteny, since she's white? Just my 2 cents.

Whatever you name her I'm sure it will fit her to a T. Good luck and God bless you for taking her in!!!!

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My daugher is leaning towards Blizzard, because she's a white flurry of activity. If that sticks, I'll call her Lizzie. Whatever the name becomes she'll be out little girl.

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I GOT HER!! They just called and I'm on my way to pick her up!! Let the fun begin!

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The dog is very cute (and bright looking!), and I looove your plate rack!

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That plate rack and the assorted pieces on it, feet, top, etc were all freebies I found at the transfer station. With the exception of that great red paint, I love the color!

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What a sweet uplifting post. i adopted a chihuahua/jack russel girl from the pound just hours before her time to go into the truck that would take her to the gas chamber. She was so depressed and seemed to know she was in a bad place. We have her for two years now and I really do not have any idea what life was like before my "Angel".
The name issue made me think of a dog my ex brought home from work one day. My youngest at age two squatted, slapped her legs and squealed out. "Kitty" when she saw the puppy. We called her "Kitty" from then on. She was the best dog.
It is so amazing what my pets give me in my life

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Well I've had her for nearly two weeks now..... She is settling in and we ended up calling her Izzy... Fits her. She doesnt care what we call her as long as we are around. Hard to remember life without her now!

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