New Front Door!

organic_smallhomeNovember 5, 2006

I posted a couple of months ago about my dilemma surrounding a good color for the front door. So many of you had such wonderful suggestions, and I considered them all. Well, I decided to go with BM Cottage Red (as per MrsMarv's suggestion) and it's finally done! New mailbox is coming and landscaping still to be done, and this isn't the greatest pic, but I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciated the help. :)


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I can't see it!! Arrgghh. I have never figured out why I can see some pics that are posted, but not others. :(

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Love it! And I really like the full-light storm/screen door. It shows off the new door and color to the best advantage. The BM Cottage Red really compliments the red brick, as well....nicely done ;o) I can't see the detail of the door very well, but it looks like there are small squares of paned glass in the upper corners?

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Here are some better pics!

Front door with storm door open (sorry for the shadow):


Inside View:

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Beautiful door, beautiful wreath, and beautiful handset/hardware! So now we have the same color door and the same hardware (ORB/Schlage)...great minds think alike! And our wreaths are similar, too. But I must confess, your door style is prettier than mine.

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Yes, where did you find that fabulous wreath?

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Thanks, you guys!!!

mrsmarv: I had to special-order the handleset: it's Baldwin and they don't generally make their handlesets in Satin Black, so I had to wait a month to receive it. Thanks so much for recommending the Cottage Red. I was really, really hesitant to go in such an "adventurous" direction, but am SO glad I did! And no, my door is not prettier than yours! Your finished door was the inspiration I needed!

siobhanny5: Thanks. I got the wreath at a local nursery. :)

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organic ~ our handset is by Schlage and it's an oil-rubbed bronze. I was originally looking for black, but it wasn't offered (this is quite a few years ago). Now that the oil-rubbed patina has rubbed off and the undercoat is exposed, I'll be in the market for a new handset. I will keep yours in mind because it's almost the exact same design as mine.

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beautiful, beautiful door. And I love your storm door


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I love it!

Marilyn in NM

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Wow, what a difference. It really adds pizzaz and happiness.


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Thanks everybody for the kind comments!

MrsMarv: The Baldwin hardware we ordered had to be special-ordered because they don't offer solid black handlesets or door knockers or house numbers. "Satin Black" is their label for the solid black. In the end, we decided not to have the door knocker mounted because our door is south-facing and gets really hot. (In fact, there was a mix-up with the order, so I cancelled it and special-ordered a door knocker from another company, instead. Well, the first order never got cancelled, so I am now the proud owner of two high quality Baldwin "colonial" style door knockers, one with peephole, one without. So, if anybody is in need of a good, solid door knocker, I'll sell it to you half-price!) Anyway, just thought you would want that information since you mentioned that you might be buying new hardware in the future. I really believe Baldwin is a much better quality than Schlage or Emteck--at least, from the comparison shopping I've done. This is just my judgment, of course, and someone else could completely disagree!

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organic ~ I agree with you about Baldwin's quality...that's probably why we're ready to purchase a new handset to replace our Schlage LOL. Thanks so much for the info.

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Huge difference in curb appeal..the cottage red really pops and provides great visual interest. Good choice!

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WOW! What a beautiful door and hardware!

Not sure what you are planning with the landscaping, I do not have the cool software for putting in flowers and picket fences but disappearing the yard muffins would be nice and a dark color to match the shutters would be nice for the foundation....

I LOVE, LOVE that door and hardware! Wonderful choice!!!


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I love the door and its color. What kind of door did you get?


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Leasa: Thanks for the visuals! I need all the help I can get in that department--lol!

organic_lyndy: Thank you. Now if I could only get the landscaping done before I retire. :)

cocooner: It's a fiberglass ThermaTru door. It's on the lower end of their products and has a 20-year warranty. In Boston weather, with little protection from the elements other than the storm door, fiberglass rather than wood was really the only viable choice.

Here's a link if you're interested in knowing more about ThermaTru doors. Ours is model S936 (lower right). And we selected the black nickel caming for the glass.

Here is a link that might be useful: ThermaTru Doors

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