what to do with wooden spindles

lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PAMarch 21, 2005

I have some wooden spindles, about a foot long, that I bought at a garage sale and need some ideas on what to make with them? Maybe a stool or serving tray (use as the legs on both)? Any other ideas?? Thanks!

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I have seen very nice candle holders made from old spindles. You could try that.

Or, attach a base to the bottom, and a rounded disc to the top and use one as a hat stand?

Trying to think of the other things I have seen with them and my mind is blank right now.

Surely others will be able to give you some better ideas.

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I have a couple spindles as well. I plan on making one of the shabby chic shelves with mine as seen in the link. Sorry for the bad picture, but it was easier than trying to describe it. *S*

Here is a link that might be useful:

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I love all of the ideas. I have probably 15-20 of them, so I'd love to make things out of them and do different things. This is great. Thanks so much for your ideas!!!

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Another thought. Find some hooks-- maybe wrought iron or very decorative brass, attach them and make a free standing necklace hanger from one. Hmm.... did I make myself clear with that? Not enough coffee to kick start my brain yet! lol!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Minicrazy: Another good idea!!! Thanks. I pick stuff up at yard sales wihtout a clue of what I'll do with it, but I know I can always rely on other's advice! :) So glad I joined the group!!

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I painted mine in sections. Red, White and then Blue. And made a base with 3 different size squares of wood and painted each one red, white and then blue. I connected all 3 squares to the spindle and drilled holes at the top and added small flags on stakes. On some I added decorative tops to the top of the spindle. The kind you use on decks. Then added the top flag in it. Lydia, I like that shelf.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Cheri C: I never would have thought of doing that. We usually have a 4th of July party, so that would be a great item to put out! Thanks for another great idea!

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I love all these ideas just one problem I am spindle less. I really liked that shelf. And you certainly can't go wrong with anything red, white and blue. I'm off to find some spindles. Conni

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I have a tool box I bought where they used the spindle as the handle. It is hard to describe. I will try to get a picture.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

sparrownest: That's interesting. I have a box that I think would be much nicer if it had a handle on it (easier for carrying as well as a decorative touch!). I think I'll have to put one of them on there. :) Thanks so much!

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I've always loved the old open plate racks with the vertical slots for the plates... could you do something on that order with spindles in place of the dowels? unless they're totally huge they could be very pretty used that way for a variety of things. You could do something to store decorative towels in your bathroom, to divide shelves to keep things is straight piles on shelves, etc. You could cut them in shorter lengths and put on a mounting board to hang towels or jackets from...

I wish I had a bundle of em! LOL


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How about a floor planter? Just make a plywood square box 12" high and figure the width of the sides of the box by measuring the width of the spindle-then use as many on each side as needed-equally. Then nail the spindles from the inside of the plywood box. You could add casters on the bottom and even get the wooden ball knobs to add to the tops of the spindles. Paint in whatever color(s) you like!

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I have one in our bathroom and love it....allow me to explain whut fur! I put a screw into the wall, a bit to the left of our big over the sink mirror. The screw sticks out about maybe two inches. The spindle has that big long hole, so I just stuck the spindle right on the screw. We drape a hand towel over the spindle. So if you can picture it....rather than having a typical ring type of towel holder that puts the towel more flat against the wall, the towel sticks out perpendicualr to the wall.

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I have some from a bedframe. 8-10 inches long. I have some bigger ones from a chair back and spindles from the legs. I am gona use some to put on birdhouses. Like porch columns.
or for corner posts.

I have some I will use with the part of the chair to make garden angels or even bodies of dragonflies.

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You could cut it lengthwise in half and attach them to the wall as shelves.

Love, Jules

PS: Have fun with your project, whatever it ends up being.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Wow, haven't been here for a few days, but I see that everyone is still coming up with great ideas! Thank you so much. If I run out of spindles, I'll just have to buy some more at the next garage sale! I want to try all of the ideas. After a while I was bummed I picked them up at the sale since I couldn't think of anything to do with them, but now I'm excited again to have them! Thanks, everyone!!

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do a search for "table legs" and "spindles", because I know there was a great thread in the garden junk forum about how to use them... seriously, you'll be glad you did!! :)

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I just couldn't stand plain ol' wooden steps to my potting shed (lil' tin bldg) so at the back of each step @ the riser I nailed long spindles painted same colors as steps.

Makes such a difference!


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I was talking to my aunt in E TX. She said that she was making a box and using spindles for the legs. Seems she finds any and all legs she can...her husband makes boxes to fit proportionally and she paints, decorates and sells them. She also puts them on suitcases to make bedside tables. Legs are expensive there at GSs and she hates that I find them so easy.

Hey, on can never have too many legs or spindles.

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I just happened to think; but these would only work if they were taller, I saw an idea on tv where they made a dining room buffet, by sawing them in half lengthwise, attaching those 2 up against the wall, then using 2 more whole ones for the front, with a tabletop (make your own, or use one off something else), sitting on top. Looked really cute.

Of course, you could use these anywhere you wanted a table against a wall, not just a dining room. Computer desk comes to mind.

Sorry, I got off the subject of using the 1 ft. tall ones!

Oh yes, I've seen one used as a lamp, but you'd have to drill a hole all the way through it, and put a base on the bottom, you could use a square or round piece of wood, and put all the lamp wiring, harp, and shade.

Similar to:

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