Anyone with a copper range hood?

saydeMay 17, 2010

I'm thinking about it. It would work so well in my kitchen. Compared to a similar size and shape in stainless (42 inch wide dome shape) it would cost more, or course, but not as much as I had feared. (And, I rationalize, the insert which would be 35-40% of the cost would be the same in either case.) I would get a medium patina, lacquered, as I have read that bare copper, while beautiful, would be a real challenge to maintain. Am looking at companies like Vogler and The Metal Peddler. Anyone have a copper hood? Any advice or suggestions?

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Bump - My DH would love one.

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I have a Rangemaster copper hood that I have had for 26 years. It is antiqued copper and still looks new. Never had any problem taking care of it. I love it.

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We had a custom copper hood, but it was built on site. The carpenters who installed the cabinetry made the bottom trim from antique pine and the frame. My HVAC guy measured and cut the copper sheeting for me.

if you are interested in this type of hood, I have four pictures that show the process.


Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen

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Allison - your kitchen is beautiful!

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Allison -- would love to have information on how your hood was made. Sent you an email

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Thank you, Monkeymo!

Sayde, I will check email in a minute, but I don't mind posting info here. Have before. I've linked pictures below.

I used a VAH liner. 48" range. Liner was that or close. I don't recall exact length.

The first photo shows location before hood was started. DH and I recessed the medallion into the wall.

The second photo shows the liner installed in the wooden frame. Liner was attached to wall first, and top vent section (metal triangle looking piece) attached on top. 3 sided hood frame was built in their shop, attached to wall/liner, then covered with pine trim on top and bottom edges. This picture shows plywood piece cut/installed on each side. Front was next (no photo of that).

3rd photo - front shot of the above.

4th photo - right after we moved in. So shiny! lol Did not have time to give patina - easy to do by leaving copper outside for a couple of days and dousing with bucket of water. Let dry. Repeat numerous times until you get the look you want. Lay flat, if you tilt you will have streaks. I did spray with water a few times, but hard to reach top and I didn't want to spray paint/wall.

Most recent picture is on Atticmag. Still shiny, but not as much. Is not sealed with anything.

Most any carpenter should be able to build. Basic skills, with the exception of making trim - have to have the right tool/bits.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: hood photos

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Allison - LOVE your hood and kitchen!! Would you mind if I asked a few other questions about your space? First, how deep are the cabinets around your range? We'll have a 48 inch pro range as well, and a lot of the KDs we've spoken to suggest bumping the cabinets next to the range out. I don't know if I like that look and think I'd rather bump the whole wall of cabinets out or not at all... it looks like your range comes out a little from the cabs - do you mind it? Would you change that?

Also - love the wood island countertop!! What size is your island? I've been struggling with the island countertop and have been going back and forth on using wood - my island will be 9x5 and will have bar seating on one side. My issue with it is that it will be next to an eat-in area that will have a wood table and I don't know if that would conflict and be too much. Do you have an eat-in table off to the left?

Thanks so much!

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Thank you, aokat15. The cabinets do not come out as far as I would like next to the range. So yes, I would change that if given a do-over. It only bugs me when I stare at it, and when I see it in photos.

I am not at home, but I think the island is 4x9. My architect had island seating in his kitchen design, but I did not want that look from the great room or foyer (as you can see an end of the island once you step inside house, looking through DR). He did not design the cabinetry, btw, and a stairway to the upstairs we did not build (have a lower level instead) was also located in the kitchen.

I do have a large breakfast area near the island. The table we raised our children around, but with a new "old" top. Jane did a house tour on Atticmag of my home and you can see the breakfast room there. There is a rather wide walkway between the island and eating area - about 6-7ft. So they are not right next to each other. You can see that in the house tour too, mainly from the great room shot towards kitchen.

My advice would be to use different looking wood on the island and table. The table is dark, and the island is more medium and has the look of pine that other woods don't have. So there is a big difference in the surfaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: house tour

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check out they make any thing based in NJ but do not sell direct you have to make your purchase thru a dealer in your area.

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