What color curtains for my living room ?

sofia1378November 15, 2009

Hi Everyone! I am looking to add sheer curtains to my living room. Confused about what color would look good. Any ideas ?

Here is a picture of my living room

Living Room

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What a pretty room and furniture. It looks like it should be in a magazine!

JMO, and curtain colors are hard for me to decide, but I would go with a print using the brown in your sofa with a little of the light from your rug, and a lot of the darker color from your rug - just because your walls and blinds seem so cool but your sofa seems so warm. I'd want something that would tie everything together whether it is a stripe, plaid, floral, or paisley. Look for a pattern that doesn't clash with your rug.

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OOPPS I am so used to using Flicker I posted there instead of here.

If you are going to do sheers then I would go with the beige or browns would look yummy like chocolate. Your room looks really nice and bright and if it is too bright then the darker sheers might dim it down a little.We had to dim it down at our house. The sun coming in got to be almost blinding.

You have a lot of window to cover and the rods look like it might be hard to hang. Hard to tell what is happening there with the walls around your window. If it were me I would go up above all of it and have long sheers.

Again Lovely room.Hope you show us pictures when you decide what to do.


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Have y'all noticed all the gorgeous sheer panels there are now?

I'm with Chris (again) that darker would look best. I love these, but not the swoopy style with your room.
J.C. Penney catalog

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I agree that a good color would be something that matches your area rug or a print w/neutral shades! I have a really hard time choosing curtains, I always want to go bold and end up with something neutral :-) I just bought light-blocking curtains for my baby's room and I went "bold" with moss green ;-)

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Have you ever seen dark sheer curtains used in a room makeover or on House Hunters, For Rent, etc.? I really do not like the look of really dark curtains used in a room with light walls and light carpeting as you have. If there is no extreme need for heavy curtains for privacy, I would agree that a neutral tone from colors in your nice rug would be a good idea.

Here is a thought: find some somewhat sheer panels at a store near you; purchase with the stipulation that you can return them; take them home, open one package, thread that shear onto a curtain rod, dowel, or even a yard stick, then have someone hold up that one section of curtain on the edge of your window, next to a section of wall. You view it from all angles and even at different times of the day and at night. Lay down the curtain briefly on top of your rug to see if it blends well with the colors in the rug also.

Look at open weave fabrics in the choices for curtains or a thin stripe design - something with some interest and texture instead of just plain.

I love your LR! IMHO, that large space over the sofa is just perfect for a much larger picture or a group of pictures.

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Try posting your request on the *Decorating Forum* They are good with color recommendations, curtain selection and room arranging.

Is this a rental? Can you remove the vertical blinds? Can you paint a different color?

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