Any Ideas For This? (photo)

des_arc_ya_yaMarch 3, 2006

Got this iron candle holder the other day at a good price (Free!) Can't decide if I want to use it for it's original purpose (I almost SHUDDER at the thought! LOL) or turn it into something else.

Anybody have any ideas? What else could it be? I thought about displaying some of my Jadite cups and saucers on it. Should I paint it, or leave as is?

Does it belong inside, or outside?

Creative minds, unite!

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how about a multi bird feeder - using teacups etc.

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I think it would look nice indoors painted a dark color like brown black and then given the rust look. It would good as as a display/whatnot shelf. Hang some greenery on it. You could display a themed collection like chickens or something on it.

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I know it's original use is as a candleholder to use inside a fireplace~that *would* be nice in the summer for ambience when it's too hot for a fire.

Toasting marshmallows? All you need is nine sticks! LOL ;o)


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the fireplace idea is good. What about leaving it outside and putting flower pots, short squatty ones on each cup, with gorgeous flowers and having flowers grow up around it too.
I would leave the paint/////

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I have two of those tall standing iron candle holder thingies. I put medium birdhouses on each holder piece on one of them. On the other, I hammered down the spikes that hold the candles in place, and I glued glass teacups and saucers and put little tealite candles in it.

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I don't know what I would do with it...but I sure do like it.
The fireplace idea came to mind too.

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Love it! How about putting dowels on the spikes, so u can put a flower pot on, use a small one so the pot can still drain......and plant in some, put the coffee cup idea, maybe with bird food...a wood block w/space hollowed out for a vase or jar, with fish in it, poke some candles or some solar lites in, a pinwheel or similar moving something, and some thing that makes you violets! Found Shue !!

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I'm seeing painted flat black with candles......

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I have a brick wall above my fireplace. I'd leave the paint as is...and mount it on my brick as a one of a kind conversation piece...... I think it is stunning as is...I wouldn't even consider embellishing speaks volumnes as is!!!

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Looks like it would make a great display rack for bowling ball art.

~~ ellie ~~color>

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I would get some kind of ivy growing around it and then put candles on it....very romantic on a deck or sitting between two deck chairs...or turn it upside down, decorate, and hang as a chandelier.

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I would leave it as is and use it for its intended purpose...candles...but I can see that on a stone patio with citranella candle sticks on it which would provide a dual purpose for sitting outside at night...light and bug deterrent....

Anyway, great find I love it!

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Oh, I like the flower pot idea.....hi, Kat!! lol That would look way cool outside....and you could spray paint it a wild color - orange? Purple? Turquoise?

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What a fun piece! Don't know the diameter of each candle holder but here's a thought:
Paint the piece based on your room decor...better yet-if you have a patio that you enjoy evenings-this idea would be cool for entertaining.
Purchase terra cotta pots size would be the diameter of each holder. Cut floral foam or styrofoam circles to wedge into the pots-so they are down inside the pot-about 2 inches.
Hopefully, then if you can find tall, thin glass hurricane globes-insert on in each pot and press to mark the circle size into the foam. Remove the globe at deepen the groove area so the globe will nest inside the groove. Leave 1" from the edge of each pot-to place greenery/flowers, etc. Also-make a taper candle hole inside of the center of the globe's groove.
Once you place a taper candle in the hole, replace the globe and then surround the outer edge of the foam with greenery-so that it hangs over each pot-yet not to where the greenery will touch the top of it's neighboring globe. Should look really nice at night!

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I like the fireplace idea also, but myself, I would use it as a plant holder. I have an iron candle holder with that little spike in the middle and my husband was able to grind the spike off for me so I could set things in the cup. Whatever you decide, please show us a picture.

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how about getting rid of the spikes on some and placing small glass balls on those and candles on others. use it in your seating area in your yard. and i love the weatherd look it has..definately let us know what u do with it

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