Work station(old sewing machine cabinet)-WIP

cathyscacheApril 2, 2009

I've taken an old sewing machine cabinet and refinished it, added glass and birch bark and am making it my upstairs workstaion. I have a work area downstairs, but can't leave 2 grandkids alone and they get tired of being downstaisrs all the time. So I'm making myself a work station for upstairs. I want to eventually add a closed in box under it, so I can drop tiles that I'm working with in it. That way I can keep it contained and uncluttered. The box I need help with and hunny is working on the deck rails at the moment. So the box will be added on at a later date. But the cabinet opens up wide and I just know it's going to be a great work space. But when I'm not using it, well it will just look like a piece of furniture that belongs in the room. That's the plan anyway. Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: WIP-Work station

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Great idea. Man - you're a speedy one. You've already done your coffee table, and where did that bench come from. You are on a roll, for sure.

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Slow U make me laugh!!! I'm trying to get things done before spring. Once it gets nice out I'll be parked on my beautiful deck my hubby is about to get finished!!!! Me, my wine, the sun and my flowers...can hardly wait!!! Sounds wonderful, but it's still a couple of months off. So I will be staying busy til then!!! Later, Cathy

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This is an excellent idea! I have an old one of these hanging around and never thought of this.

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Another beauty. I feel your rush - I'm late in getting flowerbeds cleaned. I'm down to one small to go and the roses along the fence - about 70 ft. to weed. Getting ready to plant a flat of Blue Salvia right now, after cleaning the bed near my blue gate.

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Good morning all, another one completed!!!! Thank old good for nothing sewing machine cabinet now has a purpose. It is going to make a great work station for me up in the house. and until I get a box under it and behind the door (which might be awhile) I will store the tiles I'm using on my projects in the ole barrel to the side..Another use for an old piece!!! Now to finish the coffee table. Maybe by tonight

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished-upstairs work staion

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