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sylviatexas1April 23, 2012

Posts today reminded me to tell you all this true story & to encourage/urge/entreat everybody to check out the guys you see or date before you let them into the house or even before you let them know where you live or work or what your schedule is.

A young divorced mother has a 9-or-so-year-old daughter; she owns her own home in a neighborhood with a lot of children.

She met a really likeable guy, fell in love, married him, moved him into her home.

He was really enthusiastic about helping out with parental duties, even installed monkey bars in the back yard so the daughter could invite her little friends over, said the kids could use the monkey bars any time.

He's now charged with molesting her daughter, & police are checking other possible victims.

Check 'em out *first*, &, as a friend told me her pastor advised her, adopt the "one strike & you're out" rule.

(If the nice, charming, likeable guy has an ankle monitor, don't wait to hear the explanation!)

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Yes.It is a very good idea to check out anyone you are considering dating(or allow your child to visit or stay with.Even parents/step parents of your child's friends).

Even though my child is grown, I ran checks on my now husband when we first started talking to each other.The sex offender registry was my first search.He did searches on me too,lol,to see if I had a criminal record.Which was fine with me:)I was actually glad he was mindful enough to do it.

It's great people can do that now.Years ago it could be hidden by just moving out of town where no one knows you.I also check my local registry every so often so I know who the offenders in my community are or if they are living in my neighborhood near me.It's available so I can't understand why people would not make use of it.

Sorry to hear about the divorced Mother's daughter and the possibility of other victims.I hope they lock him up for years and years.We need stricter laws nationwide for sexual offenses.The registry helps and is a wonderful safety tool but it doesn't deter predators from offending,and a lot of times re-offending,unfortunately.

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