How do you decorate with baskets?

citytransplantMarch 13, 2010

I really like baskets. Just picked a few up at a TS and when I went to put them away, realized that I REALLY like baskets. With handles, without handles, lined for plants or flat on the back to hang on the wall. I have many baskets and will not give any up. I do use a few..for plants, one hold garden gloves by the back door.. have some picnic baskets, one to hold my magazines by my favortie chair, one to hold paper plates ect for when we camp, one is holding dressy purses in the closet. I want to decorate with baskets, my storage is getting too full. Any Please help.

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In LR I have a couple with fake plants since my house has to be too hot to keep real ones alive like I used to have, plus no watering is involved, but wipe leaves with damp cloth few times a year. Another one is full of "Taste of Home " magazines. When GK's were young I had 1 full of Golden books & old Fisher- Price pull toys. Later I filled the big basket with teddy bears & dolls for kids to play with. Lots of things you can do with baskets, fill with sewing stuff if they have a lid, use large trunk- like ones for coffee table or stack 3-4 sizes with sewing, quilts, yardage,etc. Line bottom with plastic & pebbles & put plants in pots in it near a sunny window. Jan

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I used blue gingham check and lined baskets leaving a rectangle of fabric hanging over the edge. Then, I embroidered the names of office supplies on each of the rectangle. One said "Note Paper" another said "pencils" etc. Then I lined the baskets up on a shelf over my desk.

I also drilled holes about every 1/4 inch along the top edge of a basket and then used a blanket stitch and yarn in each of the holes. That gave me something to attach yarn to so I could crochet around the top of the basket. I double crocheted enough rounds so I had 12 inches of crochet on the top of the basket. From there, I made a crocheted chain and ran it through the top of the crochet as a draw string to close the crochet on the basket top. I use it to store my current handwork project by my chair.

I also use just plain baskets on shelves to hold various things in my craft room. I like symmetry, so I bought several of the same basket and put them side-by-side on a shelf. You could do the same thing with mismatched baskets if you like the look.

I use baskets on my patio to hold cutlery for BBQ's and to put pots of flowers in to dress them up a bit.

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I love baskets too. I use them everywhere in my decor, for carrying things, and like everyone else I use my baskets as storage. You asked for pictures, so I hope these are not too many for you.

For lotion, flashlight, etc. for nightstand and for extra sheets


Copy paper and pictures

Thread and clothes that need ironing/mending

Towels and toiletries for guests

To hide extention cords and for pet supplies


Floral arrangements and tabletop vignettes

Window treatments

My motto

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Thank you to everyone for your wonderful, helpful suggestions:

SunnyCa, I keep certain magazines on the nightstand in the guest bedroom. Thanks to your suggestion, they will now look much neater in a basket.

Grandmathyme, I immediately put my scratch paper in a small basket and placed it on my desk.

ShySue, You my friend are over the top! Nice to see someone that likes baskets as much (or probably more) than I do. Great ideas! I will use more than a few. I really like the pet food idea. Right now I have the dogs food in an overlarge tote in the kitchen and really do not like the look. I have a basket similar to the one you are using ... think I will use that instead.

Thanks again to everyone,

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You are not shy at all with the baskets, Shysue!! Great ideas! I love the towels in bathroom with the shells(nice shower gift for bride & groom)also! Your basket valance is wonderful & love your antiques with the baskets!! Really a warm & inviting look!! Thanks for sharing! Jan

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Shysue I love the window treatment pic.

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OMG Shysue! I have basket envy! Love your baskets. I too try to use them where ever I can. Great ideas. Picnic baskets are the best. Love your beach/towel basket in the br. Is that a clawfoot tub I spy? In the process of installing one. Your decorating taste seems very similar to mine. Do you have other pic.s posted?

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Found your pic.s Shysue! Love it all!

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We bought a heavy, heavy wooden office credenza at a thrift store for $50. We spray painted it black and put our television and cable box on it. We stored some of our DVDs in the drawers. I measured the space under the credenza and found that four BASKETS would fit. The baskets modernized the look of the credenza. Looks great and for about $100 we got a great piece of furniture and tons of storage.

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I have many baskets, and use them all around in my decor, here's a few:
plant shelf kit.breakfast rm:
top of breakfront dining rm:
top of cabinets laundry rm.
I love using my collection of baskets in decorating..

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I just saw on a video on a lady taking dinner rolls she had dehydrated (they looked very realistic) and she showed how to decorate baskets with them! Check it out.

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