Coffee Grounds

ltrentMarch 11, 2011

What do you do with your used coffee grounds?

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I put them in the compost pile.

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are you thinking something creative can be made with them? As in using them like glitter without the shine....or to embed them in a cement project to give a different finish? Have never tried using them for anything...just toss them in the garbage....BUT there may be possibilities. It will be interesting to see some suggestions.

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Compost!! I also just throw them in the garden or on the grass the worms love coffee grounds.

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Compost, topdress acid-loving plants such as rhodies and blueberries, sprinkle them in garden areas where the cats like to go as it deters them. Rake into the lawn.

My niece gave me 40 pounds of used grounds for Christmas one year. Loved it!!

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What a riot about your niece kellied!
Now you make me think I should collect any of my nieghbors' who don't have compost. It is wonderful for the compost, and I didn't know about it deterring cats.
Has anyone put them in concrete? I'm wondering if it would make a nice color.

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I didn't know you could just sprinkle them on the lawn .We go through tons of coffee .I might have to start
recycling the grounds .

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The earthworms love them. I also broadcast them under my evergreen trees, till them into the veggie garden (they are chock full of nutrients).

Starbucks bags and gives away their used grounds to anyone who wants them.

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Thanks ltrent for the question. It got me thinking about what I could do artistically with coffee grounds and I did a small trial.

I put wood glue on a small piece of a pine block I had, put the coffee grounds on it, and then spray painted it with two coats. I can see the potential there for some fun stuff. I am looking for a project to do with it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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great texture. There's a bunch of possibilities there !

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My daughter has a lovely, thriving worm colony creating beautiful castings for her. We often toss coffee grounds into the vermicompost bin and you can practically see the worms SALUTE! They just love 'em!

I also put them by the bucket full on my compost pile (I get them from a local espresso stand). They're filled with nutrients and are a great addition to my compost.

Rhododendrons are our state flower and I have several big Rhody's in my yard which also LOVE the acid from coffee grounds!

My daughter also puts dried, used coffee grounds in bags and makes "tea bags" as gifts for friends...they use them to brew up tea for watering their roses. (She also puts worm castings in similar bags as gifts for her gardening buddies to make worm tea.)

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