Corian countertops - what to do with scraps?

bcb77March 29, 2006

My friend has been offered a lot of leftover Corian that can be cut in any shape. He's looking for suggestions on what he could do with it (his FIL has a flea market booth that sells stuff). Household, garden, whatever...

Any ideas?

My thoughts:

Cutting boards

Plant stands of some sort

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Hot plate (trivet)
paper weights

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If he can, cut them into very straight small blocks. Make a few bags of kids blocks. I bet he is able to get really cool colors. Kids still love to build with blocks.

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Hi! I just did a kitchen remodel and kept the piece of Meganite (copycat Corian-type surface) from my stove cutout. The guy who did my counters said it's "easy" to cut, he uses a jigsaw with a new, sharp blade. Meganite is softer than corian.... I haven't tried to cut it yet, getting up the courage. Have you cut any of your Corian yet? Was it easy to work with? I want to cut a "halibut" shape out of my stuff, to add to a mosaic backsplash I'm making for the new kitchen and a top for an old plant stand base..... Another idea... use your corian to make a kitchen island top. Have fun! whifflewhim (newbie to forum)

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My mom had a piece cut from the leftovers of her countertop, she keeps it under her Kitchen-Aid mixer.

She has a bigger model that's kept out in the pantry, and it makes it easier to carry it back and forth to the kitchen when she needs it.

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We cut a piece ourselves to use a cutting board on our boat.

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My husband just finished making our own Solid surface countertop. Some ideas for the scraps:

cutting boards
pen blanks (for wood turners)

If you have any of the adhesive left you can do many things...picture frames etc.

According to my husband, the material is very easy to work with. Re: the post above about making kids could but you would want to sand the sharp edges!

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Ooooh, he could make game boards, do-it-yourself kitchen island tops (to use instead of butcher block or granite - for do-it-yourselfers), shelves with a routered edge and plate groove, cake plate (add some little bun feet or small metal cabinet hardware feet), plate rack (spaced grooves and legs), tv tray, clock. I could have a lot of fun with that material!

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I had a small table and the top was bad so we cut the corian to fit the top of this small table. Looks good

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Cover old table tops or even dresser tops.
I'd think it would make a great base for a plant stand that was on wheels for large potted plants.

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I have the cut out from where the sink was put in. I use mine outside when we entertain. There never seems to be a good solid surface for cutting up fruits, veggies, etc. on outdoor furniture and its nice to have close to the grill too.

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The original post is old, but for future reference, I've seen Corian cutting boards in the shape of the states for sale at flea markets and craft fairs. People seem to love em and it's a great use for the scraps.

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