Free standing photo screen

mini_meMarch 23, 2005

I was at a thrift store yesterday and bought a free standing divider screen... it has 3 sections & each holds 5 (8x10) pictures. So I can hold 15 photo's all together- either 8x10 or adding mats I could use different sizes as well.

Has anyone ever seperated the sections and used these somehow to frame pictures on a tall wall? Like I wondered what it would be like if I took the hinges off the screen and added some sort of nice chain or holders and attached them side by side on a large wall? Any thoughts on this???

I need some ideas to use this- it was just too cool to leave there :)

Thank you!!!

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What a cool find! I'd have snagged that too!

Kids art projects, fav poems or quotes, old love letters or cards, cartoons that tickle your funny bone, seed packets with pretty pictures, favorite recipes, news paper clippings that have special meaning for you, gosh I could go on and on, but you now better than I what has true significance to you and all could be fun to put in something like that!

You could use a matt for a more formal look, or fabric, construction paper, aluminum foil, or whatever fits your theme. You could use several of each item if they're smaller to make a montage in each frame...

I'd be playing with it to see what fits my decor and just let the imagination direct me.

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I actually found one of these curbside and brought it home. I ended up giving it to my sister and we had to take it apart to get it in her van. The hinges were easy to remove. I think it would be cool to hang two of the pieces horizonally on a tall wall. You could use the third piece vertically somewhere else. With ours, we ended up putting it back together and putting old lace curtains in the openings. I think she's done with it now, so maybe I should get that back and repurpose it!

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