Caulk on countertop

RenkosiewiczMarch 12, 2012

I have a formica countertop with a backsplash. Where the backsplash comes together with the wall, the caulk keeps cracking and pulling away from the wall. This countertop was installed by a professional. He has redone it twice now and he says it is because it is on an outside wall and the expansion and contraction is causing it. However, the old countertop never did that and there is a side that is not on an outside wall that also is doing that. Can anyone advise on this matter?


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Is his caulk fresh? I use bathroom caulk around my kitchen sink- my countertop is Formica. I even fill in cracks(in the sheetrock) from earthquakes with it as it holds so much longer than anything else. I just cut tube at a slant on the tip & smooth it in place with damp finger & don't get any water near it for 24 hrs. I use Dap Kwik- Set with mildew preventive but I don't think it is as good as it once was but you can get it back off, some caulk is like plastic & you can't sand it off or pry it off. This stuff gives a bit so it doesn't crack. But if your house is settling that would be another problem.. This is worth a try & is removable so can remove it with very dull paring knife if it doesn't work out. Comes in white, almond & gloss white .

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Thank you sunnyca. Since I live in cold Chicago, do you think that it would make a difference with the temperature being cold on the outside walls?

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I have the same problem with our kitchen countertop.
I re-caulked it a few years ago with ge siicone paintable and it got a little better. I think it is because the countertop moves a little bit. My plan is to try lexel next time, because it has more give.
Good luck and if you figure it out let us know.

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