Metal Tray and magnets (pic)

lydia1959March 23, 2009

Here's an old metal tray that I painted and then added little polka dots with the Uni Posca markers. I made the magnets from vintage shoe clips.

Other ideas for magnets? I think I need a couple more.

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Lydia that tray is just beautiful.Thanks for sharing this.You did amazing job on are very talent.

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Its lovely Lydia! I make magnets from the flat ones you get from businesses. You can cut them in any shape, such as a flower that you decoupage on it for example.Just glue the opbjec of your choice on a magnet thats a bit too big then cut around it. spray some urethane or coat with mod podge or some sort.

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Love your tray and the pictures, Lydia!

I saw small headshot photos glued to the back of the large clear (flat) marbles with magnets attached.

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