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deb_paMarch 16, 2010

I found enough material to make valances for my 4 livingroom windows. Material is the same material as curtains except for the color. My curtains are a cream color the new material is white. I tried washing the curtains and added bleach but they are still cream colored which I do like. So how do I get the new material for the valances to a cream color? Daughter says use tea bag dye, but won't that make it brownish color not cream? Please help. Thanks for any advice.

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Tea bags....your daughter is right....but use a very weak tea to start....you can always darken it but it's hard to lighten.
Linda C

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It will depend upon what the material content is. If it doesn't bleach, it may not work with tea dye. How much bleach did you use? It may have to be soaked for a while in a tub. I'd try just a small area though, in case the bleach does harm. A small clip from the back of hemmed area? You might try Ritz color remover. I'm not sure of the use with this, think it is for getting rid of color which was dyed originally with a Ritz color.

There are spray fabric dyes at hobby stores too. Expensive though and changing the color of your valance to cream would be the easiest.

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