Flatware kitchen cupboard hardware

nanatinkMarch 7, 2005

I did a couple of searches for info on this as I'm sure someone has done this before me, but could find nothing.

I've bought a bunch of soup spoons that I want to use as hardware for the doors in a kitchen I'm renovating. My question is what is the best way to use them? I'd originally thought I'd bend then in half to have a "u" shape rather like a curtain tie back. But am afraid I'd be rebending all the time to keep them uniform and they'd break off from that. Next I thought of making the natural curve in them exaggerated so there's room for fingers behind the lower handle with the end of the handle and the spoon both attached.

The more I think about it the less sure I am of how to pull this off and be most satisfied with the end result.

ALL ideas/opinons will be appreciated.

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My suggestion would be to get a board and play with one or two of the spoons till you find something that works.
I think the way you choose to fasten them to your doors will help decide how you can bend them.

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I'd love to know the answer to fastening flatware as kitchen cupboard handles too. I have enough spoons to do the whole kitchen, but have zoned out when it comes to figuring out how to attach them. Was thinking of trying just screws after drilling holes in the handle end and through the spoon bowls using the natural curve. Sure would be nice to finally finish off that kitchen ! LOL

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Put one screw through the bowl of the spoon, exagerate the natural curve of the spoon and then flatten the tip end of the spoon handle enough to put a small screw through it into the drawer. The spoons will bend a bit with usage, but they look cute enough that you have to excuse them!!!! I have had the most luck putting the bowl toward the inside (center) of the drawer and the ends of the handles to the outside. I also put a pin sized drop of glue on the screws when I put them into the wood. The screws take a little more of a beating with these type handles than they do with regular grips. (You could also put a small bolt completely through the drawer front with a washer and nut on the back side, but that would leave a rough bolt end to conceivably scratch your hand)HTH

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Great idea! Maybe you use something (a bowl/pc. pipe/can of peaches or ?) to get same curvature on all of them...


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