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nehomeMay 30, 2013

Sorry to have to ask this question but can't find the answer anywhere. I am having difficulty finding old threads I had started earlier this spring. I thought I could search on my user name but no luck. When I search on key words that I most likely used the threads do not come back in date order so impossible to find the thread. What am I doing wrong??

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Threads don't come back in date order. Never have. The search engine here is extremely antiquated.

Try doing an Internet search instead. In your search browser type:

Then use whatever key words you'd like. To search for threads youve strted type: magarden1

You'll get results from everytime youve ever posted, but you can narrow them down even further by using another key word in addition to what I just posted. These results won't be in date order either, but you'll get far, far better results than using the GW search.

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Thanks so much!! Found my posts in a snap!

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