silverswordApril 5, 2010

Not a Sfamily issue exactly, but an issue we all face.

Watch this show!!!


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I really thought it was interesting when he said that it's not the kids' fault, it's the parents'! I was especially pleased to hear him say that kids are open minded when it comes to food. I have always felt that and kind of dismiss people when they say "oh, kids are picky, kids don't/won't eat that, etc." I have NEVER been of the mindset that kids won't or can't eat most foods. Sure, some kids don't like spicy things and certain foods may be an acquired taste, but for the most part, I think kids are a lot more willing to try new things than we give them credit for!

It is ALL about introducing your children to a variety of healthy foods from the start. If you offer your toddler PBJ sandwiches and chicken nuggets all the time, and rarely veggies, well guess what....they're not gonna like veggies as they get older! And if you feed them a diet heavy in carbs, chances are that's what they are going to like.

To me it is just common sense. Kids will *generally* eat what you serve them if it's what they know. If your toddler/preschooler grows up snacking on apple slices and oranges, or is used to eating veggies and fish, then chances are he/she is going to enjoy those foods as an adult. I really think developing healthy eating habits from the start is really important.

I also totally agree with the moderation thing! My kids have Happy Meals every now and then; we ordered a pizza last weekend, and my kids occasionally have Pop Tarts! ETC. But OVERALL, I think we eat pretty healthy foods. I feel good about our choices and I think that it is okay to have the occasional fast food meal or candy bar...I don't like making things bad or forbidden. Moderation is key!

Interesting show, I think I will have to DVR it!

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I watched it on TV. For me the most shocking fact was that children did not know names of fruits and vegetables. Even if they don't eat certain foods don't they see them in grocery stores?

Oh well, too many parents are not exposing their children to variety of experiences, it is not only food. I have students who have never been anywhere further than 5 miles away from the subdivision and those are same children/teenagers who are fed junk food on a daily basis. Some parents don't know any better so they don't teach their children.

Agree with lovehadley, everything is in moderation, not a big deal to order pizza on occasion or eat fast food here and there, but not teaching children how tomatoes look is just sickening.

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