Uses for old jeans

sistersunnieMarch 8, 2007

Thought I'd start a topic for uses for old blud jeans.

My favorite is to make corn cozies-organic heating pads. I cut the legs into 6-8 sections, stitch one end, fill with dried whole feed corn, stitch other end closed. Microwave for approx. 2 minutes and its the best hotpad you ever used. Stays warm for a long time. I always make several every winter and the kids use them in the foot of their beds.


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I've seen them turned into purses, by cutting off the legs and sewing the opening shut then adding embelishments to the pockets etc to make an interesting purse.

Also Placemats, the pocket is for the silverware.

I like the corn cozie idea, you could also use the same idea and make a thing for under your doors to keep out drafts.

I've also seen pillows made, and and with a pocket on the pillow.

I saw a tote yesterday, that had several jean pockets sewin to it.

Any other ideas, This is a fun thread.

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The cloth makes great quilts. They make good toddler clothing. skirts and vests and shorts etc. I like to make bags and stuffed toys. I cut some into strips and made a great rag rug for my moms RV. They are fun to play with for other things too. I am right now working on making a fairy house set for my niece and I hope to make the house itself from old denim.

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I have a pillow from old jeans. Used an old rope for the belt, and it's on the couch. I like to turn the legs into small bags for make up and change for my purse. They last forever.

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Hi, Please post pictures with your descriptions so we can all see! Click on my album to see some things I've made from jeans. Jeans are one of my favorite 'trash' items, and everyone can relate to them. Linda

Here is a link that might be useful: Stuff I made from jeans

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I made pillows years back by cutting the legs off, tying one end off, stuffing and they tying the other end. Made a quick and simple bolster!

I also made other smaller rag pillows by cutting the jeans into small squares and sewing together.

And I have a small rag jean quilt, too over the back of my Dad's rocking chair from when he was little.

I have a whole bag of pants sitting in the living room right now. I keep wanting to do something with them but haven't. I'm sure the day I decide to do it, DH will have taken them out to the trash the day before! LOL

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Great thread! I've been collecting jeans for four or five years at least now. I plan on making rag quilts for ballgames. The original rag quilt has all the raw edges on one side using traditional seams (right sides together. I want to have the fuzzies on both sides, so I'll lay mine out using flat seams.
I love denim!

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I forgot to mention I plan on using a double needle for the look of the french seams on jeans.

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Hi All, I've seen aprons made from old jeans.

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I made a tote yesterday from a pair.I bought the jeans at Goodwill and for the lining and belt I bought a large knit shirt.

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Crafty brat is there a simple rag rug tto make
I just started sewing, do a lot by hand , hubby bought me a machine but I have to keep it in attic , no space, so to bring it down and set it up then always someone needs the table for something, so I sit and sew by hand alot
make christmas stockings and blankets
I want to make a denim rag or braides rug
linda your quilts and other projects are grat and I love the jean tote lilym
great job

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Great minds think alike! I was just thinking of crafting with jeans over the weekend! I was Googling images and saw lots of quilts and bags and stuff. There's a round birdhouse on there that looks like it was stiffened, similar to the overall planters you've all seen. That reminded me, I will forever kick myself for passing up a great birdhouse i saw many years ago, that looked like it was decoupaged in denim, with little belt buckle and all! So, yesterday, I went to my local SA thrift shop and bought a light weight skirt for a couple of bucks, and I will be tackling that project later today...if the chores don't get in the way.

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I have one of those that my Gram picked up somewhere while on her travels about ten years ago. I never used it! LOL At that time, it wasn't something that was "in" and I wasn't the type of girl that carried a purse. But hey, it did get great use as a clothespin holder for a few years :)

I think I removed the western style belt and beading from it. That's what I really hated on it!

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A jazzed up blinged up version was in all the boutiques the past year so I guess they're "IN". It's great for everyday, love all the pockets. I wear jeans mostly so it "goes".

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Linda, I love your stuff, especially that stocking, what a great idea. I can tell a lot of work went into that.
Great design.

Here is a link that might be useful: my stuff

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Gardener64 I just cut the rags into strips and crochet a large oval with a huge hook. I know it would also work to braid strips and then wind and hand sew strips into whatever size or shape you need there are some great directions and pattrens on the net, but don't know were? sorry

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Hello I just found this site and i love it.I love making originals from used items.
As for jeans i have found some uses for the part i usually have left over, the top by the pocket area.i have made many stockings.i cut along the zipper to cut the two legs apart, then cut a stocking shape with the inner thigh as the toe,the pocket stays in tack for extra space, back belt loop for hanging,is absolutly adorable.
i have also used this part of the jeans for paper by the phone.i just cut it flat on the bottom instead of stocking shape, fill main part with paper and pocket with pens hang by belt loop.these were both items i did with my kids jeans. Right now i just started a garden items holder. i intend to cover a large pair of mens jean overalls with pockets from leftover projects.i hope to keep my garden tools together hanging on the wall in this.i my mind its cute, i'll post a pic when its done.
I also have in my minds eye to make a book/small toy holder for my daughters room with the tops of jeans cut down the sides and sewn to a opened up leg piece of jean.
nice to meet fellow salvagers...
i'll be lurking around...

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I have made purses and aprons (mainly little girls) and stockings. I used the legs from the purses above and just turned under with a seam. Used a belt loop for the hanger. At the bottom I used either the foot of a sock or cut one out of material. I stuffed the foot and then put inside the end of the leg and sewed it up. It made them really big and the GK's love that. I also used adult legs to carry things in, like beach umbrellas, soccer signs, tent poles. I have made vests and collars and made the fringe that curled from the jeans. Sorry, long ago, no pics on computer.

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