Is anyone else going through their 'stuff' lately?

lavender_lassNovember 19, 2012

For a number of reasons, I'm finally going through all my 'stuff' to see what to keep, what to donate and what to just toss. Since my husband is still in physical rehab...this is a great time to do it. But, I do have piles everywhere (LOL)

Just wondered if anyone else is doing this, too. Probably would make more sense to tackle this after the holidays, but at least I'm getting things organized. And polishing the silver! No excuse...if I'm going to keep it, I plan to show it off :)

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Good for you lavender. I went through "stuff" a few months ago. DH put all of the big moving boxes in a tall pile in the "sitting room". It loomed over me so I had no choice...
I threw away a lot, I also donated a really nice dining room table & chairs to the Fortune Society. I bought the set thinking it would fit but it didn't. We are now using a small round diner table(2.5ft Diameter) which works great.
what I REALLY NEED is a good shredder (mine overheats too fast).

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I am - some what...not real majorly, but as I gather/box up things to come to the new place I've gone thru it some. I can't take the time to go thru things as well as I'd like to. Some stuff just gets tossed in a box to get it outa my way - til later. Some boxes will be stacked up to go thru next summer when it's too hot to be outside. Some I'll go thru as I unpack here. I have the very top shelf in a kitchen cab packed with stuff I don't know if I want /need to keep. It can hide out there til I get thru more important things.

It is something that I plan to do tho - anything I'm not gonna use, don't need, isn't a treasure (like pics of my kids, gkids, family history, etc) I'm gonna weed out of here.

My sister has threatened to kill me if I die and leave her with a mess to go thru here - lol!

And anything I've been 'saving' for a special occasion to use is coming out of the closet, box or whatever for me to start using now.

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EATREALFOOD - Our Staples takes paper to be shredded and feeds it into a large metal locked box, to be picked up by Iron Mountain for shredding. You can watch it going into the box if need be. At .79 cents a pound, worth every penny to be rid of it.

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We're at it big time. The house in SC is starting to come together, so we need to get the FL house on the market. I am in FL for 3 weeks, and I'm going to work on the honey-do list, and try to help my wife make decisions on what to keep. The new house is smaller than our current house, and our current house is over-crowded, so a lot of stuff has to go.

We have a lot of our son's stuff here, and he lives in a small apartment, so HE has some decisions to make as well. I am NOT moving his stuff to SC!

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In very early preparation for the move to the new house, and to generally declutter, we have removed massive amounts of things from our tiny house. Much of it my wife has sold on a consignment group on facebook--we've made a pretty little penny doing so. She might just pay for her long-sought-after undermount sink with the proceeds!

The thing I'm most proud of is that we pretty much got rid of all of our movies and television shows on DVDs, realizing that our precious little free time is to be spent with our precious little ones, not drooling mindlessly in worship of the glowing god of our living room. We did keep the Christmas and Disney movies though :)

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Thanks wanttoretire-I will look into that, not sure if my local staples does that.

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Last year about this time hubby got real sick with MS, spent time in Rehab and came home with a wheelchair. I was forced to make clear areas so he could get the wheelchair through our home. I piled everything excess from our bedroom into my daughter's room (she had moved out,it was basically empty except for furniture). I had to actually purchase 2 large moving boxes to hold all my "stuff". Took me all year, but I've finally emptied those two boxes. Went thru "stuff"- my rule was to remove 5 items a day from a box, then store properly or give away or throw out those 5 items. Took a long time, I tossed a lot, got plenty of things for scrapbooks, lots of recipes,and I found some "lost" items including jewelry. But I was able to sort, make decisions, and get those 2 boxes emptied.

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I am at it, too. The room in which we stored everything from the office/music room/library during the foundation disaster that was finishing up a year ago is still a mess. There are spare cabinets that I did not use in the kitchen remodel 2 years ago. It served as the storage and launching platform for that project, too. Well, now it is going to be my exercise room. I have an Art Deco era quartersawn oak buffet, our last kitchen table, and boxes of stone and glass tile that I was going to use for the backsplash before I changed my mind. There may be a few kitchen items still in boxes, too. Then there is the stuff that is supposed to be in there: a PT mat table and all my drawers of jewelry-making supplies.

The tile is from my 2003 kitchen in our old house, so I don't want to sell it - at least not until we sell that house! But there is plenty I can sell. I have some foam sleep wedges I bought last month that did not work out for me that cannot be returned, shelf organizers, decorative things. I need to go through the basement and see what else I can sell, as well. It is quite the storeroom down there with things we have not used in this house.

I do have things I want to keep "just in case.: Like that kitchen table. I have hopes that someday our flat screen TV will go on the wall and we won't need a piece of furniture for cable box, receiver, DVD/BluRay and discs. When that happens, we can ditch the big 5 ft long 5 ft high entertainment cab I "had to have" and put the table and a few chairs in its place in the family room. I also have a hard time getting rid of that buffet and a sofa table that I bought when I was in the middle of divorcing my first husband. They represent a lot of things to me. The upholstered furniture of that day is gone. I want to keep these pieces, but they don't work in this house right now.

This is hard!

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Oh, yes! Been at it off and on for the last six months - original goal was to part with five items a day, which could be anything, even just paper from my studio. Some days I forget and other days I get rid of several bags of stuff - I'm so grateful we have a Goodwill station near our home.

I've been inspired/motivated by reading "The Happiness Project" and "Happier at Home" and by the dream of building a new small home - definitely want to minimize the amount of stuff we have to pack and move. My biggest challenge is giving myself permission to part with useful items that I haven't used in ages - it's that "I might need it later" mentality that's so hard to reason with! I work at home as a calligrapher and my studio is full of stuff I bought for projects I did years ago; I've been forcing myself to take a hard look at where I am now in my life and keep telling myself "Yes, you paid good money for this stuff, but you did put it to use, and now you can let it go!" It does make it easier to let it go when it goes to someone who is thrilled to be gifted with something they would love to have! (Like the large Zip Lock baggie of assorted felt-tip pens that went to the young daughter of a friend - she said she loves using these pens.)

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' it's that "I might need it later" '

yes, that does cause a problem. you might need the item and then you'd have to pay to replace it. I've got lots of those things hanging around. Now I figure most of it if not used here won't ever be used by me. There'll be enough 'extra' things like blankets, comforters, pillows that I will need to keep in case someone ends up here overnight. I'll have some things I might possibly use in the storage / craft room - but as time goes on I'll probably get rid of them also. Like I know I'll never make clothes again so the 'ol fabric stash is gonna go (to my sister's church sale). I'll probably even weed thru my books. I'll have maybe 4 bookcases and if they don't fit on those I'll have to let them go.

I think a quick weed thu in the near future and then a later one maybe next yr after the first clutter is gone and the dust settles.

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ALL the time :)

But, I do seem to get a particular urge to purge this time of year. Last week, I tried on every last stitch of clothing. If I didn't love it, I boxed it for Goodwill. I can't wait until the kitchen is done so I can purge as I unpack. I did it before packing, but I'm convinced I can come up with more to toss. Ahhhh, it feels good!

Steph- love the idea of breaking it out now!

CamG- You just made my day by giving those away!

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I did a lot of moving the last couple of years, due to a divorce.

Now, in my little house, I had to let a lot go, that I had kept in storage. Way to many possessions to fit in here.

But it feels good to donate, like last summer when so many people lost everything in the wild fires.


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Gads I have been purging for 15 years and some how still have stuff to go away. I keep peeling it off like layers of an onion. Just the other day I bought a HUGE bag of white plastic hangers. My mistake years before was to buy dark green hangers so I saw that bag of white for $3.00 and made the switch. By the very next day those green ones were lounging at the thrift store. Was a perfect fit as there were almost exactly as many white hangers as I had green. And the white look so much better in the closet and brighter.

I know in the last few months I have given away 4 small side tables and a commode. carpecattus I had planned to mosaic the tops of the tables I gave away. But then I have no room in this house for them. Better some one else have them and that looming project is off my brain making room for another project. PHEW Relief.

I have also re-arranged a few more things in our house to help make it work better for us. I am really fine tuning now. I still think as life goes on I will make changes as life changes. One good thing is most of our furniture is on the small side so there are many options for placement I like change. I am not a fan of moving to get it. I do love re-arranging.

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I haven't been doing it, but I've been thinking about doing it, does that count? lol

Actually, I look at things and think I really don't want it, but it belonged to so & so and will I regret it if I get rid of it. I'm talking big things like furniture. The little things don't seem to be any easier.

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Marti if it is any help I felt the same about many things I had. Oh that was my Grandmothers or family pictures of people I did not even like. Several months ago and some things years ago I got rid of a whole lot of that stuff. Some of it I boxed for a short time and put it in the back of the closet. Adjusting to it being gone. Never bothered me so one day I sent some to a friend that collects the same stuff I had boxed and the rest went to thrift store. Was even antique stuff. I have not missed any of it. I have enjoyed the space it created much more than I ever enjoyed the burden of saving and storing the stuff.

Maybe this sounds harsh but this is how I am dealing with the feelings of keeping stuff just because it belonged to so and so or was a gift from some one. Unless I with CAPITOL I loved the piece and it was useful to me or gave me great JOY looking at it it left MY space. I am the one living in my house. Well my husband too of course but he never cared about who used to own what I am the sentimental one. I just do not allow things in my house that I no longer just love or really need to make it comfortable. The first things to go away were the hardest. Now it is much easier to pass on some thing I felt I needed to keep just because of who it belonged to or who gave it to me.

Slightly off topic and yet not. All these things are why we have stopped Christmas at our house. The friendship is fine but NO gifts. I want nothing coming into our house we do not choose just because some one thinks they need to buy us a Christmas or Birthday gift. I think a whole lot of crap in peoples houses is given in the spirit of giving but just clutters up our spaces. Some friends that continued to gift us even after being asked nicely then finally told have finally gotten it. Most of that stuff went to town the very next trip or best yet given back to them after the holidays to keep from fighting during the holidays. I would much rather spend quality time with friends with a nice meal and fun evening than have to deal with a gift that will not go home. LOL OK Rant over.

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"I think a whole lot of crap in peoples houses is given in the spirit of giving but just clutters up our spaces."

this is so true! My sister's BD was in late Oct. I haven't gotten her anything yet. wasn't up to going out much (she wasn't either). We often just go to lunch for our BDs and sometimes to get a pedicure together. That's usually her treat. She goes there often, I only go maybe 2x a yr.

But I know she doesn't need something just to get something so it will have to be something I know she wants or needs. A time or 2 I gave her something I had that she really liked rather than leave it to her in my will. Why make her wait? maybe she'd go first anyway.

For my last BD my sister gave me a 'thingy' to use in my bathroom to hang clothes or cleaning rags I wash out in the sink. She knew I'd been planning to get one 'cause I'd asked her about it - to find out what she used and if she liked it etc. and boom - there I had one for my BD! something I both needed and wanted.

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We were blessed to get on the list of someone who calls us every month or two to ask if we have anything to leave out for the Purple Heart truck. This morning, DH went through his closet and picked a few things, got a few books from the library, and I contributed some kitchen drawer organizers, wire shelve thingys, a pet cooler mat that you soak in water that slowly evaporates and makes a cool (and damp) surface for a dog to lie on - unopened!, a two-level wire holder that fits those 1 liter boxed soy milk or broth packages, a can holder for a fridge, and a few knick-nacks. That's a few more things gone from my work-out room!

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I did this big time when I sold my big house in May after my DH passed buyers even bought most of my furniture and far, I have not missed anything. I am buying mostly new furniture for my new little house...and it will be more clutter of just "stuff"!

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I do this all the time. I am 75 and trying to save my heirs the problem. I don't have many things I don't need, I usually get rid of stuff after a year or two of owning it, if I don't use it. Right now I am doing the office, extra cords, cases, extra glasses, etc. and am getting rid of some hard back books and movies. I take it to the Gently Used Store (Lutheran).

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I have a paper shredder which is wonderful. Then I use the paper beneath the beds of my garden, beneath the mulch and cow manure! I shred all the junk mail but not newspaper. I just lay that down flat, it keeps down weeds and makes a great cover beneath mulch for garden paths.

I have been going through lots of things lately, because I must clear out the house for this remodel jobby. Some of my extra stuff, dishes and bowls, some lamps and such, I've already given away to neighbors. I've also washed the greasy grungy pots hanging on the pot rack and added them to storage boxes to be hauled to the Teahouse. Having that place prepared for this purpose was the best move we ever made! One day, it will be back to its intended function, but for now it is a "storage building."

All the books were placed in smaller boxes and hauled out there to the Teahouse. Once upon a time I could have done 3 boxes at one time, but I had all I could do to roll one box on the dolly at a time. I suppose there are about 40 boxes total, counting my DH's stash of technical engineering books he moved from Massachusetts. We are both book hounds.
But removing the contents of 5 tall book cases really made me feel like I'd done something wonderful. I'm not much into schotksies or doo-dads, although I like wall art. So I was giving away the extra salt/pepper shakers, throwing out out of date food....

And donating to the Sandy collection what was not out of date. Donating the extra blankets and jackets to the same fund. As a resident of a community widely experienced in hurricane devastation, we know how the folks on the upper Atlantic seacoast are in need of so many things, and even small donations are important when you have lost everything. So if anyone is thinking of going through things, find a way to donate to this cause or to Salvation Army or Good Will, and it will help someone make it through the winter. I know how I felt after Katrina, folks were so warm hearted and generous, and it lifted my spirits a lot.

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"trying to save my heirs the problem"

that's a good thing to do. I had my MIL's 3 bdrm w/full basement (filled) house to go thru. She had 2 sons - my X and my bachelor BIL who lived in NY. The guys were little help. My BIL was more help than my X was. I spent 3 wks (at least) there w/BIL going thru things and packing it up. Most went to our house - BIL took a small trailer load back to NY.
my MIL had great treasures in her home - and great jewelry (inherited from her mother and MIL). My X called it all 'junk'. I'm still living w/using that 'junk' - it's served me well over the past 34+ yrs. I will be boxing up some of the treasures myself soon (again) - for my kids (and gkids). Treasures from their gma and ggma.

Then my mom - tho, most of that was on my sister and her dh. I spent a wk there w/her going thru things. Mom only had a 1 bdrm apt for us to go thru.

I am also sorting, boxing, marking and even mailing some things on to the kids. I unpacked my kid's Bible story books a few days ago - I put them on a closet shelf to be sent out to my gsons in the near future.
There's much here that my kids and gkids can be using now rather than it being in a box/closet until I'm gone.

"got rid of all of our movies and television shows on DVDs, realizing that our precious little free time is to be spent with our precious little ones, not drooling mindlessly in worship of the glowing god of our living room. We did keep the Christmas and Disney movies though"

that is also a good thing. I have little use for most of what is on tv. Yrs ago when my oldest gson lived by me (he's in his 20's now) I bought the Disney movies that became available. When I find them in this mass of boxes I have, they will be stacked w/the Bible books to be sent on to my #3 son who has 2 little guys now. They live across the country so no sense in the movies being here. My son isn't connected to any tv access so they don't view regular tv. My gsons have been getting the Waltons DVDs from me for Christmas and BDs. I think they'll like Disney too.

My kids will also each get a box of Christmas decorations we used on our trees when they were growing up. My BIL used to send us a special one from NY each yr. Time to pass those on too.

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My MIL was a widow with a clean, neat, orderly, actually "sparse" house. She appeared neurotic about cleaning. I once dropped an ice cube on the carpet, she grabbed a can of rug shampoo and cleaned the area where it touched. She also had the entire house professionally fumigated after finding 4 ants in her living room. After Christmas, she looked through all the gifts she had received, decided on which to keep and which to donate. I was very hurt when I found out she had "Donated" a set of bathroom towels and some coffee mugs I had given her. After that, I didn't spend much time picking The Perfect Gift for her.

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Steph, now you are talking. If your family members can use things now, or find pleasure in having them, this is the right time to pass things along. Which is what I tried to tell my Mother, who insisted on keeping everything so that I had to get things to folks later. I tried to tell her, give it now, and let them say their THANKS now. But in the case of her paints, by the time she died, all the paints were dried up and had to be thrown away.

For everything there is a time, and a purpose.

Jannie, a former sister-in-law had that obsession. I consider it the opposite of hoarding, sort of still obsessive-compulsive behavior, and it is an illness. Dealing with such a disorder is difficult. I think about
the way I loved the MONK TV shows, and that was enjoyable,
but he was not a member of my family.

One of my dearest friends keeps her house cleared out of things which I am always keeping.....she says finding it later when she wants to use it is more trouble than going out and buying a new one. And storing it CRAMPS HER STYLE.
She is the best cook I know, turns out the best meals, but her kitchen is very small with about NO space to store pots or food. How she does it puzzles me.

As I've been going through my kitchen items, washing things before I pack them in boxes for the "great remodel" I realize that I simply enjoy having certain objects around me. I looked at a really great glass bowl today as I removed it from the dishwasher, and thought what a joy to have something with such a lovely shape, for fruit or salad or even Christmas ornaments, or a tall candle in the middle of greenery.

I try to avoid the scenario pictured in the song, "We'll have a good time then, son, we'll have a good time then."
When the Dad becomes older, it is then the son who learned the lesson well, and says to the regretful old man, "We'll have a good time then, Dad, we'll have a good time then."
The saddest words, "it might have been." Don't put off connecting with your family. The clock is ticking.

Sorry. I get melancholy at Christmas time.

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Yes, going through everything. We are starting a new chapter, he's retiring, and will build a new home, 1300 sf patio home, ready next May. 2 bedroom, modest, one level.

In readying the cottage for sale, I am simplifying an already uncluttered house. It feels so utterly cleansing! But, I truly realize just how 'anxious' even having Christmas decor all over makes me feel. Simple, mostly neutral, pared down(not minimalist) rooms, promote calm and relaxation in me.

I'm thinking I may want to continue this in our new home... creating simple vignettes with lots of 'white space'. Could this be an age thing as I approach 70???

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ML- my MIL had actually given me her jewelry and silver shortly before she died. She hadn't been sick or anything, she just wanted them to be passed on and I was the only close female and mother of her only gd. Also, she knew I treasured family things - and old things.

When my kids were little a neighbor girl (close friend) died. They passed on her skates to my dd. A yr later when our oldest ds died we also gave special items of his to his close friends. dd (about 10) decided she wanted to give her other friend her watch now while she was alive. Wow. what we can learn from kids. I told her that was a great idea, so off she went with her treasured watch. I encouraged the other kids to do the same. My bgf at the time admired a diamond chip ring I wore - so, I just took it off and gave it to her. It meant so much to her she wore it with her wedding rings. It wasn't an expensive ring by any means. In more recent yrs my sister has often admired a 'jade tree' (oriental) that I inherited from my MIL (it's very small - maybe 8" tall w/little pieces of 'jade' (don't know if real) for leaves). She thought I planned to leave it to her in my will. A yr or 2 ago I gave it to her for Christmas. It has a front position in her china cabinet. Decades ago another sister collected Hummels and I had lots of them from MIL so I gave her a bunch of them.

and maybe 10 yrs ago now I sent my #3 son my wedding ring and his ggf's pocket watch for Christmas (I had no idea what to buy him, refused to buy something he might not want or need. I knew that of all the kids he also treasured old family things (he's the future 'keeper' of the family history). Also, my wedding ring would mean something to one of the kids (not me). He later told me that those were the best presents he had ever received! Another yr I reprinted a bunch of pics from his childhood (some with siblings and/or pets) and put in a small album. Again he loved it. He told me 'keep things like that coming'. He'll get all the family pics when I die but why make him wait til then to have some to go thru and show to show to his kids?

In the 90's I gave my Apple dishes (tons of them!) and some silver serving pieces to another bgf. She did 'Sunday' dinners and other entertaining. I didn't, my kids were grown and in other states. She'd get great use of them, I wouldn't.

I ran across a beautiful crystal bowl the other day in a box and decided that I'd be keeping that out - to USE now, just for me. Time to have it out regularly and enjoy seeing it. I also plan to use the good china just for me.

now that I think about those Hummels - I ran across more of them while unpacking. My BIL bought one each Christmas and sent to my MIL. Those will be good things to tuck into a Christmas pkg to the kids.

I like it much better knowing these people are enjoying the things now rather then them being in a box in my closet.

Monk - that is the one show I've watched on regular tv in recent yrs. well, until it went off. darn. I didn't watch the first few yrs of it, so caught them on reruns.

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Kitykat, maybe it is age, or maybe it is wisdom. Sounds like wisdom in your case, because you say you "start with an already uncluttered house."

We had a little help decluttering when Hurricane Katrina destroyed our house. Then we began clearing out my DH's house after we got married and planned to live in Alabama instead of Massachusetts. I'm so tired of STUFF that I dread opening presents. Some of my friends have financial difficulties these days, and I would prefer them to think twice before buying trinkets that really make the recipient feel guilty. Share a meal together, forget the STUFF.

Or, maybe like Steph, pass along some possession which they might truly appreciate, or which has family history connected to it.

Kitykat, when you get some pictures of your new place under construction, I would love to see them....and so would most (if not all) of the folks who frequent this forum. A new home is always an invitation to dream a bit.

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"I'm so tired of STUFF that I dread opening presents. Some of my friends have financial difficulties these days, and I would prefer them to think twice before buying trinkets that really make the recipient feel guilty. Share a meal together, forget the STUFF."

I agree. I surely don't need more STUFF! I'd rather someone ask me so that if they do get me something it IS something on my 'wish list'.
my sister usually treats me once a yr to a pedicure. We go together and have great fun. We usually try to make the time for lunch also. She knew I was looking for something to use in my bathroom to hang wet clothes, cleaning rags to dry - so that's what I got for my BD. bravo! I prefer things like that. A BOP planting, a cactus. I'm easy - lol! do - dads I don't need.

I also don't want friends or family spending money they can't afford OR stewing about what to get me. Nothing is fine to me. For my last BD a gf sent me a gc to a local grocery. That is usable. It's what I'll use this weekend at the store since I had to replace the belt on my car. Having that gc tucked away is a great 'cushion' to have at this time of the year.

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In an effort to clean my house before the kids come (dd told me if her dh can't take the mess he will want to go to a hotel), I have started packing everything in boxes and have it stacked in the living room. I've decided to get rid of excess furniture and all the stuff in boxes. If I haven't needed it in a year, I must not need it, right? I'm just not sure how to get rid of everything.

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I'm glad to see I'm not alone in wanting to get rid of some of my 'stuff' lately :)

As for my progress report...I've gotten rid of some things but there's a lot more that needs to go! Tonight I'm packing things up for other family members. There's a lot here that I don't use, but other people might really enjoy. If not, then Goodwill can always use more donations.

Interestingly, I've stopped by Goodwill a few times, looking for a headboard. No luck, but I did find a gorgeous leaded glass vase, for about $5. What a great place to shop! And I have room for a new vase, now that I have less 'stuff' of my own.

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This is a promise I've made for myself starting in January - getting rid of stuff we've collected over 40 years of living here. Couches, coffee table will go, along with lots of collectibles, old Christmas stuff,etc. The only problem: my husband is somewhat of a hoarder, and used to build computers, so getting rid of all that stuff plus out of date computer books that is so out of date (in the huge bin I plan on getting) will be a problem. Most of the stuff will go to Salvation Army; surely someone can use it!

Am going to check out Staples on shredding which will help a lot.

Will go through kitchen stuff as we remodel - a lot of this stuff can go too. Oh my, how did we ever accumulate so much, we were so broke when we got married (but sure had fun)!

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LL - I love shopping at the GW! a few months ago I picked up some curtain rods there for 1.00 each. When I went to storage about a wk or so ago I found I had a bunch there! I hadn't remembered I had them. Well, I've got rods up to 4 windows and have 4 more to go. These are the type w/o the draw string. I might want those at a few windows (and the slider for sure). I have 3 of those in the old place I'll take out and use here if possible. Once all is up I'll donate what I don't use back to GW.

I've bought flannel shirts there for the AZ winters (they make a great jacket on a chilly day) and some flannel pj's and a few flannel pj bottoms I use with old sweat shirts or nightshirts in the winter. I always have to hem them. At maybe 2.00 each it even beats the maybe 10.00 at W.

I stopped there some time back to look for Q size fitted sheets. I've got a number of top sheets but the bottoms are shredding. I thought back and it's been about 30 yrs since I bought a new set of sheets! My sister has given me a few sets tho. I need extras (at least for now) cause sometimes I don't get to the laundromat very often. It's about 30 miles away.

Last winter I picked up a number of comforters (for my old girl) there. At least 1 had never been used - or washed. It still had the mfgr sizing on it. One was a kid's with Marmaduke on it - great for my girl! I always wash 'em up before use (of course!) - even before bringing them in the house. With girl gone now I'll use them as floor padding if anyone stays over here. That's what I put down for my son when he was here in Oct. They averaged out to be about 3.00 each.

i think some of these things are gifts that people don't like or have a surplus of them.

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