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euglossaNovember 4, 2010

I met with the contractor today and got a good picture of how the bid fits with my wants. The next step, he took a piece of the siding to be tested for lead and asbestos. We found a name on it, insulbrick... a faux wood grain gray shingle, rather like very heavy asphalt roof tiles. He'd never seen it before, but thinks it probably doesn't have asbestos in it... that would be nice.

He'll meet with the city inspector and see how the back room foundation holds up. We compromised on asking for a single window dormer in the loft. He thinks the inspector may require a new electrical panel.

Once we get the go ahead I will schedule a party and have friends come deal with the back room, carport and chimney demolition. I'll donate a portion of what I save to my church's elevator fund and put the rest to other options on the house. I was glad the contractor was willing.

Knock on wood, demolition day could be in two weeks.


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Ellen, sounds like a plan to me.
I hope no one gets carried away with the demo tools and takes out too much........I find demo-ing very satisfying, and somewhat addictive.

Keeping down the dust if it is INSIDE demo stuff, now that is hard to live with. Are you going to stay in your house while the project is going on? I think I learned my lesson about that.
Keep us posted on how the plans go.

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That sounds like a good compromise. Does that mean you can have the space up there that you want?

ML: "I find demo-ing very satisfying, and somewhat addictive"

Me too. Why is that? Dh asked me if I wanted to do anything special for my birthday this weekend and I said, yes, I want to do the laundry area. lol

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Marti sez:"Dh asked me if I wanted to do anything special for my birthday this weekend and I said, yes, I want to do the laundry area. lol"

It is the truth, Marti....well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY......
I'd rather demo than clean. Start with a clean slate anyway.
I have some new plans for our stucco cottage, will post soon.

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OH Happy Birthday Marti. Hope you got to do something fun. Even demo can be fun.

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The loft compromise will be fine. I'd have space even doing nothing.. the loom is smaller than a double bed. I'l either park the loom in the dormer or more likely, a comfy chair. It will probably switch my arrangment a bit, the loom at the north end and a sewing table tucked under the slant, that's mainly to take advantage of the view while weaving. Most importantly, I would have a window that opens and avoid a skylight that, well, even the best of them are prone to leaks... still hoping the inspector sees it that way.

Most of the demo will be outside the house, the lean-to shed has a good door and the carport is outside. Removing the chimney will be messy, but nothing like one I took out several years ago. That one was still full of ash and soot, even though it had been blocked off decades ago.
I hope the timing works out to have my friends do the house razing party. I should have a big turnout, even a friend with a back hoe and several kids, which is a little worrying. You're right, everyone loves to wield a crowbar. More worrying is the snow forecast for this week. The weather has been so good, I was hoping it would last.

I doubt I'll need to move out. If it happens really fast, the roof could be done while I'm visiting my sister at the end of the month, though I'd want someone to come by and make sure they put the roof right side up.

I'll probably need some doggie day care. Ben is a rescue, still quite shy. He's come a really long way, but I don't think he'd handle strangers working in and around the house well if I'm not around and if he got out there's no way they could catch him. I can't crate him, I think he was crated most of his first 21 months.. it's not a reassuring place for him.

My task this afternoon is to get out in the back room with a tape measure and can of spray paint and work out window placement. I'm pretty sure I want them equally placed three or four feet from the ends of the long wall, but I want a better picture than a sketch on graph paper. And take some before pictures.


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Thank you all. My birthday isn't until tomorrow but dh thought the weekend was a good time to do something. As it turned out, we did nothing. Went shopping Saturday afternoon for a tv console and a new recliner(s) but came home empty-handed. I'm just too cheap to pay $600 for something made out of particle board that will be obsolete in 5 years.

Ellen, your house demo party sounds like fun actually. I would worry about kids running around too, but hopefully there will be a responsible parent to watch them while the other parent demos.

I can't believe you might see snow already. I just got out the long sleeve shirts and finally put a blanket on the bed this week.

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