Out of the mouths of babes....

sistersunnieMarch 26, 2007

my youngest daughter said to me as I left for the dump yesterday..."Mom Dont bring anything home!"

But I couldnt help myself! Two really great wooden windows, 9 panes(intact) with brass latches. An old wooden bird house, and one unidentified wooden item...

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Hee Hee HEE! Reminds me of something my son said as a teen. I had gotten some goodies at Auction and he began quizzing about why the son had sold his mothers possessions.I said "Well, basically when the parents die the kids have to decide what to do with all their parents stuff."
His eyes got HUGE as he scanned my totally cluttered corners and moaned "OHHH NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!

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She never has a problem when she is the recieptant of the finished product however!

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HA! Oh, I was ONE of those kids, I'm afraid! My dad's work assistant even knew my father's penchant for taking things home that no one else wanted. So when a coworker came down with a bit of old equipment and asked my dad's assistant if he'd want it, she just laughed and said, "He'll want it. He wants everything."

I don't recall what he ended up using it for, but he did use it.

Find consolation, Sistersunnie, in knowing someday your kids will think fondly on it all. I know now that Dad wouldn't be Dad without it. :-)


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