What to do with trim??

agnesdMarch 28, 2005

At our local fabric store they have scraps of beautiful trim, and braided cording, usually 1 yard. They cost $1 and some are worth about $16 a yard. I can coordinate colors and can get matching trims but all are 1 yard. Any ideas, how to creatively trip a pillow or picture frame or anything. Thanks.

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I'd be checking out my walls... if you have a poster, a fave print or whatever that you'd enjoy accenting... something that could stand to be bigger and have more "importance" in a room.... I'm thinking you might use the trim directly on the wall to build a frame around the item?

It could also be a pretty accent where the cieling and walls meet, if you don't have crown mouldings, or on the front edge of your kitchen cupboard shelves, or china hutch shelves, as an added POP.

Maybe trim a lampshade? or a lamp?

Maybe embellish existing bedding that could use a bit of pizzaz? Maybe sew on around a flat sheet to use as an inexpensive bedcover once hot weather arrives?

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What about decorating towels for your bathroom. You could easily trim a couple of handtowels with a yard of trim. They would also make great shower/housewarming gifts. You could do the same with pillow cases. You could also decorate small shoe boxes with fancy paper and trim to match your decor. How about trimming out a small photo album or sewing the trim onto the valance/curtains/shower curtain that you are already using? The possiblities are endless. Buy a bunch!

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It makes good mat border inside your picture frame as well. Looks very elegant esp. in an oval frame with an old photo.

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smaller pillows/sachets are one option.

trimming just the 'short' ends of rectangualr pillows is another option (one that I do fairly often)

I even did a few greeting cards with scraps of trim (3"long) that my friends really liked- though it's hard to tell if it was the trim they liked, or just getting a letter, eh?

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This may sound crazy and not exactly what you asked about, but trim/lace can be glued onto flower pots if they aren't exposed to the elements. I have seen flower pots made to look really elegant or cool and funky just by adding some trim to them. You can either glue them on plain and just cover with a good sealer or glue then paint over the whole piece.

Also use it on wastebaskets for your bed and bath.

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I used them to decorate dyed linen shoes and making night ligts.

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